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Survey conducted by GO Airport Express

Travelers engage in leisure activities on planes

Bosses take note that just 10 percent of travelers said they work while on the plane according to a survey conducted by GO Airport Express, a Chicago ground transportation provider. Reading for fun tops the list of activities at 32%.

The company, which provides airport shuttles to and from O’Hare International Airport and  Midway Airport, polled travelers nationwide about how they prefer to spend their time while on an airplane; more than 640 people responded.  

Fourteen percent of respondents said they sleep and 12% read business books and publications while on airplanes.7% watch in-flight movies and 2% play computer games. Luckily, while annoying seat mates rank high on travelers’ lists of pet peeves, only two percent of them actually admit to engaging other passengers in conversations. Just two percent said they do nothing at all while 19% stated they do a combination of all activities listed on the survey.

Others noted they watch their own movies, listen to audio books, knit or do puzzles.

"These results indicate people prefer to use their travel time to relax and pursue leisure activities vs. catching up on work,"  says John McCarthy, president, GO Airport Express.  "However, this may change as more airlines offer low-cost or free in-flight  WiFi."