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TTI and CarbonClick announce partnership

The partnership enables an end-to-end IBE (Internet Booking Engine) carbon offsetting solution, which is the first to be fully integrated into a single PSS (Passenger Service System).

PARIS, FRANCE & AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Travel Technology Interactive (TTI), a leading software and technology provider for the global airline industry, and CarbonClick, a B Corp certified provider of simple and transparent carbon offsetting solutions, have announced their partnership to work towards a more sustainable future for aviation.

The collaboration delivers the first end-to-end carbon offset IBE solution that is integrated into a single PSS. Traditionally, the lengthy timeframe and significant cost to implement a fully integrated solution have presented a barrier to individual airlines, resulting in a very small number of global carriers to have adopted end-to-end integrated programs to date. This groundbreaking integration empowers all of TTI’s airline customers to easily implement the solution and integrate it into their passenger booking system in a matter of days. Air Chathams, a New Zealand domestic carrier, proudly becomes the first TTI customer to integrate this innovative carbon offset solution.

“We are excited to embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future with our partner, CarbonClick,” said Gregoire Echalier, CEO of Travel Technology Interactive (TTI). “At TTI, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. By integrating CarbonClick’s end-to-end carbon offset solution into our cutting-edge IBE technology, we can now offer our airline partners and their passengers a transparent and traceable method to offset their carbon emissions. We aim to provide a sustainable option that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and empowers passengers to make a difference. CarbonClick’s portfolio of global, rigorously vetted climate projects enables access to high-quality, meaningful climate action to everyone.”

The collaboration with CarbonClick allows TTI customers to implement a simple, meaningful, and transparent carbon offset solution into their passenger booking journey. This enables airlines’ passengers to participate in offsetting the carbon emissions relative to their flights in a traceable way.

“Travellers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of flying, which increases their appetite to make a difference with their own choices and behaviors,” said Michelle Noordermeer, COO of CarbonClick. “For the customer, the process is simple and transparent. A solution integrated into the booking experience is expected to deliver a significantly higher conversion rate than programs detached from the booking journey, therefore delivering a greater positive impact.”

Each time a booking is made, the passenger can calculate the relative carbon footprint and find out how their impact will be reduced should they decide to offset their emissions. Each contribution is immediately traceable to the climate projects it has supported, reassuring passengers that their actions have made a meaningful and tangible difference.

While emission reduction is the key focus to meeting net-zero ambitions, a significant part of aviation emissions cannot be reduced until technological advances are more widely accessible. High-integrity carbon offsetting is a practical solution to bridge this gap now. Therefore, TTI’s and CarbonClick’s partnership contributes to their best capabilities to the 41st ICAO Assembly, where ICAO Member States adopted a collective long-term global aspirational goal (LTAG) of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“We love seeing businesses like TTI demonstrate leadership and take genuine steps towards a more sustainable future. This partnership is important due to its shared commitment to sustainability and its potential to raise awareness and inspire action across the industry. By working together, CarbonClick, TTI, and Air Chathams are setting an example for other businesses and encouraging travelers to take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future,” said Michelle Noordermeer.

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