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TUI expands radically its aviation project in Europe

Thus, the partnership of EAG and TUI together with Etihad Aviation Group which is already in the stock market will transfer this new impetus for the aviation market. 

TUI, being the tourism and aviation leader as it is, does not miss the opportunity to prove that it worthy possesses this World title. 

This is because it proceeds in the creation of a new air company which, starting in April 2017, will commence having as its dowry a fleet of 60 aircrafts, possibly bi-typical, to fly the European sky. 

Thus, the partnership of EAG and TUI together with Etihad Aviation Group which is already in the stock market will transfer this new impetus for the aviation market. 

TUI will contribute 14 aircrafts in this partnership and will hold 24,8% of the new company structure. 

Etihad will hold 25% and the powerful in business and capital private institution NIKH private stiffung will hold the anticipated majority of 50,2%.

The seat of the new company has been established in Vienna, Austria Main destinations initially will be Germany and several of its cities, Austria, Switzerland as well as Greece and Spain. 

The detailed schedule for the cities of each of the abovementioned countries is currently under construction by the company. In all probabilities low cost and tarrif cities will be chosen. This will happen in order for the new company to set the prerequisites of a quick and effective profit. 

The endevour has an LCC air carrier "taste"

We believe, based on our long lasting experience in the aviation field,  that it will be hard for our predictions to fail. Time will tell since passengers as well will profit largely from the cost of the ticket and the safety of their air travel, because TUI and its current collaborators are distinguished for their quality of the fleet they always use.

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