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XpresSpa officially open in PHL’s Terminal B


Philadelphia International Airport introduces XpresSpa, a luxury spa in Terminal B offering quick spa treatments and a tranquil environment for passengers, enhancing the travel experience with innovative and traditional wellness services.

PHILADELPHIA – Travel doesn’t have to be a hassle, and a new luxury spa is shaking things up by calming things down at Philadelphia International Airport. Airport passengers can now relax at the new premier airside travel spa, XpresSpa.

Now open in Terminal B, XpresSpa grants its guests a peaceful place to lounge about and enjoy neck and back massages and reclining in the Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, in addition to a variety of rejuvenating services.

This newest addition to PHL Food & Shops’ roster of 170-plus stores, restaurants and services throughout the airport is operated in partnership with OTG Management.

Passengers now officially have the opportunity to spend their downtime at PHL taking in a moment of tranquility at this newly opened airport oasis, even if just for a little while. XpresSpa offers an extensive array of quick, 30-minute-or-less spa treatments, perfect for the everyday traveler with time to spare before takeoff.

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., available services range from traditional massages to new, innovative treatments, with some featuring the CERAGEM Therapeutic Massager, a device that blends heat therapy with classic massage techniques to deliver an unparalleled wellness experience centered on relieving muscle tension and pain.


For those looking to add a touch of glamor to their relaxation, XpresSpa’s Clockwork Robotic Manicure uses a fully autonomous robot equipped with artificial intelligence and 3D technology to apply polish in just minutes. This service also includes automated nail polish removal as well as a free polish remover pot to take with you.

“We’re excited for passengers at PHL to enjoy the calming and therapeutic wellness experiences at XpresSpa,” said Mel Hannah, Vice President and General Manager of MarketPlace PHL. “XpresSpa’s unique product offerings and services wonderfully complement the stress-free travel experience we aim to provide.”

Founded by Moreton and Marisol Binn, XpresSpa’s premier airside travel spa opened its doors in 2004 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The in-airport wellness brand and sanctuary for travelers was first conceptualized by Marisol, who saw an opportunity to create a relaxing spot for tired passengers to unwind.

Since then, XpresSpa has become an international leader in providing airport passengers with a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of airport life, offering luxury spa services and natural, top-of-the-line wellness and beauty products across 34 locations that span 15 major airports and three continents.

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