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Zela Jet, Fly 7, and CaptainJet have joined forces for 2024

Zela Jet

Zela Jet, Fly 7, and CaptainJet have joined forces to provide seamless board-to-board services at Athens Airport, ensuring smooth transfers and exceptional private aviation experiences during Greece’s busy summer.

Zela Jet, Fly 7, and CaptainJet have joined forces to offer unparalleled board-to-board services at Athens Airport (ATH) in Greece. Recognizing the challenges posed by congested airport traffic on Greek islands during the summer, this collaboration aims to provide clients with a seamless travel experience. This partnership combines Fly 7’s versatile PC-12 and PC-24 fleet, CaptainJet’s extensive network of various-sized jets, and Zela Jet’s expertise in domestic helicopter flights in Greece.

Fly 7, renowned for its Pilatus fleet, will extend its services to Greece with their PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft, operating from Athens Airport. As one of the largest Pilatus operators in Europe, Fly 7 offers an exclusive opportunity for clients to access these exceptional aircraft at preferential rates through Zela Jet.

Zela Jet

Zela Jet specializes in helicopter services, addressing the challenge of securing slots for private jets on Greek islands during the high-traffic summer months. This partnership aims to streamline the transfer from Fly 7’s aircraft to Zela Jet’s helicopters, providing direct access to clients’ desired destinations within Greece.

CaptainJet will facilitate various private aircraft into Athens Airport, complementing Fly 7’s PC-12 and PC-24 fleet. Zela Jet will then manage the domestic transfers, ensuring a consistent and smooth travel experience for clients.

Securing landing slots for larger private aircraft on popular Greek islands during peak travel seasons has always been challenging. By combining Zela Jet’s helicopter services with Fly 7’s Pilatus fleet, the partnership guarantees seamless transfers from Athens Airport during the summer months of 2024.

Zela Jet oversees the entire process, coordinating with passengers to ensure a stress-free board-to-board service to their desired destinations within Greece. This collaboration between Zela Jet, Fly 7, and CaptainJet represents a significant step towards enhancing the accessibility of private aviation in Greece.

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