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Policy updates come into effect for all reservations taking place on or after June 6, 2024.

The updates, currently available only in English within the U.S. for users enrolled in Search Labs, utilize content from various

Eric Andrews remains in his role as Sales Director, US Southeast, while the company is now also actively recruiting to will continue to explore the most impactful role it can play in this space, maintaining its support of its

LiveWell by Zurich and BODDY partner to provide seamless access to digital & physical wellbeing experiences on the go.

As global concerns over water scarcity and quality continue to escalate, Accor reaffirms its commitment to Drive Water Stewardship with

Travelers are putting more focus on add-ons and experiential travel, seeking escapism and immersion into local cultures.

Europeans are by far the biggest spenders on vacations and traveling

In terms of spend, men also spent more on average in total than women in travel retail in 2023: $148

EASA shared updates on a number of its major projects such as Data4Safety, ECCAIRS 2, eRules, International Cooperation, Rulemaking in Air Traffic