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New investor ICG joins existing shareholders to further accelerate global growth.

The global association for the ferry industry, Interferry, has just opened the call for speakers for the 47th Annual Interferry

Let us now discuss some of the best ways to prepare for a ferry trip.

Embracing new technologies is just one of the ways we can work to future-proof the world of boating.

Participants in the Norwegian collaboration will strive towards reducing emissions from shipping by 50% by 2030, in line with the

Almost two-thirds of travellers say that the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably, according to’s Sustainable

The three AERO vessels arrived in Greece from Norway on the 1st of August 2022 and were immediately deployed on

Ferry travel is a great way for travellers to reduce their travel carbon footprint. A single foot passenger travelling on

The three Aero Highspeed Catamarans commenced their itineraries to the Saronic islands, offering up to 17 daily connections of the

The acquisition strengthens its presence in Greece and the Mediterranean.