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Arrangements are currently being made with Cuban authorities to establish all protocols in Cuba for direct IPC passenger service.

The number of ferry passengers passing through the ports considered is expected to remain stable at the end of (up

Six sessions are scheduled with over 40 international speakers from the various countries bordering the Adriatic and representing European institutions,

The second edition of Adriatic Sea Forum - cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, an itinerant international event  dedicated to maritime

As from 16th February the connection between Ravenna, Igoumenitsa and Patras will be resumed, with extension to the port of

Feedback Ferret announce their appointment as P&O Ferries technical partner for helping them improve the customer experience for their passengers.

As from next July, the Group’s maritime services between Apulia and Greece will be strengthened through the deployment of a

InterRailers can benefit from up to 40% discount on European ferry crossings.

The distinguishing feature of internal travel in Bangladesh is the presence of a well-developed and well-used system of water transport.

The transport sector of Bangladesh consists of a variety of modes. As the country is essentially a flat plain all