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Travel trade associations team up to boost MENA region


ITTFA, International Tourism Trade Fairs Association, has forged a partnership with the Middle East & North Africa Travel Association (MENATA) in a bid to build relationships and stronger communication between members of both associations.

Launched in January 2011, MENATA is dedicated to raising the profile of the Arab tourism industry by providing a catalyst for travel industry representatives with a shared interest in the MENA region to work together more closely. MENATA is also seeking to play a role in fostering greater understanding of the region, its peoples and cultures. Stretching 6,500kms from the Atlantic coast to the Indian Ocean, the MENATA region covers 18 Arab countries and territories together waith Cyprus, Iran and Turkey.

MENATA’s Executive Director Peter Lilley said: “We very much welcome this partnership with such a respected tourism organisation as ITTFA.  Travel exhibitions have an important role to play in promoting and selling tourism and bringing the travel industry together; objectives MENATA wholeheartedly supports.”

Tom Nutley, chairman of ITTFA since it was established in 1992 said: "The MENA region is one of the most exciting markets in terms of growth and development and has much to offer. Travel exhibitions have sprung up across the region to showcase the many attractions of the area – as well as encourage trade and visitors.

“MENATA will further support this growth industry and we are pleased to be able to assist by opening channels of communication between our members and theirs. Encouraging new and improved relationships in the international tourism trade fair industry is a key objective for ITTFA which will further enable all of our members to obtain maximum benefit from opportunities worldwide".

 ITTFA, which provides support and a voice for the travel exhibition industry, aims to set high standards and underline the importance of trade fairs as the most effective place to do business.  In recent years the Association has been active in supporting new and developing shows in smaller markets which have benefited from the combined experience of its members.

ITTFA promotes its members and the travel trade fair industry in general, offering an opportunity to open new doors and to share working practices.