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Seven benefits of traveling on a private jet

Consider these benefits of private jet flights when planning for your next trip.

What comes to your mind when you think about private jet travel? Luxury? Extravagance? Expensive?

While one can’t argue that those three words aren’t fit to describe the experience of traveling on a chartered jet, there’s more to flying private than meets the eye.

Consider these benefits of private jet flights when planning for your next trip.

More time for important things
If there's one thing that most of us can't seem to have enough of, it's time. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra hour to finish up work at the office or even just a few more minutes to spend with family? Well, when you opt to fly private, you can do just that!

Unlike commercial flight, chartering a private jet allows you to set you to fly at your own schedule, at a time that suits you best. There are also hundreds of dedicated private jet terminals around the country to choose from to avoid the lengthy check-in process and security line at public airports. And the best part is, you don't have to get there an hour early. Arriving at the tarmac 15 minutes before your flight is more than enough. No need to worry about your plane leaving without you!

Arrive at your destination faster
Taking a private jet means skipping customs and immigration queues altogether. As soon as the plane lands, you can just disembark from the plane and climb into your ride.

But aside from that, flying private tends to be much faster than flying commercial because private aviation is not tied to specific routes and schedules. Operators can plan their routes, while the jets often fly at a higher altitude than commercial airlines to avoid air traffic. All these factors, plus access to smaller airports closer to city centers, speeds up and simplifies the entire boarding-flying-disembarkation process.

Travel in optimum comfort and style
To date, over 7000 private jets are operating all over the world, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and models. Whatever type of private jet you end up choosing, though, expect to be surrounded by the elegantly-designed interior.

Private jets have spacious cabins, so there’s always enough room to stretch your legs. The plush and comfy seats can be reclined and turned into beds, so you can relax and revitalize as you travel to your destination in the height comfort, style, and luxury.

Enjoy privacy and confidentiality
By the name itself, you can already tell private aviation takes privacy and confidentiality seriously, which is why it's preferred by most celebrities and high-profile personalities. Private jets usually depart from, and land in FBOs or have their own dedicated terminals and luxury lounges in public airports so that guests can avoid queues, crowds, and in several instances, the paparazzi.

The “exclusive” nature of private planes encourages and allows passengers to discuss sensitive topics without having to worry about being overheard. Flying private makes your travel far less visible, which can be priceless when preserving the confidentiality around deals and negotiations.

Increase efficiency and productivity
Many of those who take chartered flights attest to how flying private helps increase work productivity, thanks to the absence of unwanted disturbances and airport layovers. From the boarding process until disembarkation, private jets recreate ideal conditions for focus and concentration, almost similar to that of a home office. 

The spacious cabin has plenty of legroom and is equipped with an in-flight Wi-Fi connection, so you can finish proposals, make conference calls, or conduct a meeting with colleagues while in transit. Moreover, passengers flying for business can go on a multi-trip journey and visit multiple customers at different locations on the same day.

For businesses, private planes help project an image of a well-run, efficient, and successful organization that values excellence.

Take your pets with you
Do you find it difficult to leave your pets behind when you're traveling for long periods? Do you want to take your fur babies with you, but hate having to fly them in cargo? Save yourself from the stress and the worry. Take a private jet!

When you choose to charter a jet, your pets also get to travel in the cabin and experience the comforts and luxuries of private aviation with you.

Excellent service, guaranteed
From the time you book your flight to the moment you reach your destination, the private jet service staff and highly-skilled flight crew are always ready to assist you with almost anything. You can even choose the make and model of the jet and customize your journey according to your schedule and travel needs.

A last-minute change in travel plans? Hosting a party-in-the-skies? In-flight catering? The company can arrange everything according to your needs and specifications.

The novelty of traveling on a chartered jet is an experience in and of itself. While the cost of private aviation often runs high, for people who value time and comfort and appreciate the finer things in life, the benefits of flying private often outweighs its price tag.

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