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Armenia: A land full of history

The Armenians, an ancient people living on an ancient land, call Armenia Hayastan, and themselves Hai. The indigenous people of the land of Ararat, Armenians forged their national identity with the rise of powerful Armenian kingdoms, the adoption of Christianity as Armenia’s state religion in 301 a.D. and the creation of the Armenian alphabet in the fifth century, which spurred the development of literature, philosophy, and science.

Archaeological and historical facts point to the development of civilization in the region with the formation of the Urartu kingdom, also mentioned in the Bible, around 980 BC.

No wonder that Armenia is fast becoming a tourism hot spot. The richness of its cultural, historical and artistic heritage is set in an imposing territory made of spectacular mountains, valleys, canyons and forests. Lake Sevan, at 1.900 m. above sea level, is one of the largest and most beautiful mountain lakes of the world. The best view is from the Sevanank Monastery (IX century), situated in panoramic position on a promontory, surrounded by crystal clear waters and breathtaking mountains. Yerevan is the buzzing capital city that offers every kind of cultural and artistic attraction – museums, galleries, theatres, music and concerts – and entertainment with hundreds of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Armenia’s stable political situation has given way to a fast-growing economy and an expanding travel industry. Over the past five years, the Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) has been developing programs to showcase Armenia’s many attractions to the world travel industry and tourists alike. Visitors to Armenia come mostly from US, Canada, South America (Argentina and Brazil), Europe (France, Germany, UK, Greece, Italy), Middle East (Lebanon and Syria), Iran, CIS countries (former Soviet republics) and Japan.

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