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Chile: A natural inspiration


Chile lies in the southeast of South America, between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, stretching for 2,604 miles and encompassing impressive climatic and geographical contrasts. The driest desert in the world can be found in the far North and in the centre of the country the landscape switches to fertile farmland, beautiful beach resorts on the coast and ski slopes in the mountains. In the South the geography changes once again, turquoise lakes, thick virgin forests, with a backdrop of volcanoes right down to the far South with the thousand years old glaciers and ice fields of Patagonia and the Antarctica. Chile’s islands also offer interesting tourist attractions: Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) with its archaeological treasures; Robinson Crusoe Island, well-known for its fauna and vegetation; and Chiloé, famous for its mysticism and unique folklore.

Spanish is the official language. Only minority Indian groups maintain their original languages such as Mapudungún (Mapuches) or Rapa Nui (Easter Islanders). In the hospitality and tourism industry, personnel speak English.

There has been a presidential democracy in Chile since 1990, with the State divided into autonomous executive, legislative and judicial powers. In administrative terms, the country is divided into 13 regions, each one with a Governor, locally representing the President of the Republic.

The country’s natural borders are the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes Mountains to the east, sharing borders to the north with Peru, to the northeast with Bolivia and to the east with Argentina.
Over 2,700 miles long

Chile has just over 15 million inhabitants, with a density of 19.3 inhabitants per km2 and an average age of 26.5. The main religion is Catholic.

The currency is the Chilean peso ($).

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