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Krakow – a city that does not sleep

In 2017 Krakow was ranked 2nd in Europe in the HomeToGo and rankings in the category of nightlife, so it is not surprising that there are numerous offers of Krakow Tours trips on foreign portals.

Krakow is a city of night life, and this is facilitated by a huge number of students and tourists from all over the world. In the city you can find a pub, club or disco in every place. In all these places you can have a great time, relax, meet new people, dance. In 2017 Krakow was ranked 2nd in Europe in the HomeToGo and rankings in the category of nightlife, so it is not surprising that there are numerous offers of Krakow Tours trips on foreign portals. Krakow was only overtaken by Berlin, and the ranking was based on beer prices, the number of bars and clubs and their opening hours. Krakow lives around the clock, in the evening and even at sunrise you can meet people partying in the city.

Popular shotbars and snack bars
If you would like to have fun, you must start with something. In Krakow evening clubbing often starts with a snack bar and shotbar. Affordable price of multicoloured shots or regular vodka to which a "snack" is served in the form of a slice of bread with lard is a great prelude to all-night entertainment.

Where is the best place to go for a beer?
There are endless places where you can drink good beer in Krakow, even in the morning. The club is located next to the club, and the pub is close to another pub. However, there is one place in the Old Town where it is worth going for a beer. This is the Multi Qlti Tap Bar, one of the most atmospheric places that was created for night talks, and also offers 20 taps of beer and hundreds of artisan beers. A perfect place for every beer drinker.

Night dancing in Krakow's clubs
The club offer is so diverse that everyone will find something for themselves depending on their music preferences, mood and age. The weekend offer is particularly interesting, but during the week you can also meet interesting proposals. The club Forty Kleparz, which is located in a historical fort with a unique atmosphere, is a great place for fans of harsh music. The club organises numerous concerts of rock bands.

Also noteworthy is the COCO club, which hosts events in the rhythms of electronic music, R'n'B, hip-hop. The club is designed for a total of 150 people, has several bars and two dance floors and 4 rooms with boxes. If you are the fan of this kind of music, this is a place where you can have great fun.

The party also takes place in Kazimierz – one of the districts of Krakow located just next to the city centre, which due to its interesting architecture creates a unique atmosphere. In the middle of Kazimierz there is the Cocon Club, which is the most popular club of the LGTB community. There are parties in a champagne atmosphere every weekend, and guests can enjoy well-equipped bars, roofed gardens and 2 club rooms. 

Nightlife of Krakow with live music
A live concert is an experience for both performers and spectators. In such a climate an unforgettable energy and a unique atmosphere is created. That's why there are so many lovers of live concerts. In Krakow, for example, you can go to Chicago Live Jazz Music to let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere of the 1920s. We also recommend the Cabaret Club, which offers programmes with old Polish music, gipsy music, operetta or jazz.

You can best feel the atmosphere of the Cellar under the Rams at night
Everyone in Poland has heard about this club, which is best known in the whole city. Open until the last guest, it hides within its walls the history of the great artists' birth. Jazz music in the background, delicious beer and you can talk until dawn.

In the night life of Krakow the most beautiful thing is that you don't have to plan anything, the choice is so huge that there are enough places to party, relax and rest, for people who want to relieve a session, work or are just travelling and want to experience unforgettable moments.

More information about Krakow and its surroundings can be found on, the Krakow Tours organiser.

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