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A guide to B2B holiday marketing strategies

Time is precious. Start your marketing early this year, as many businesses have already begun offering holiday sales as early as October

Is there anyone that doesn't love the holiday season? We know that it is full of gifts and special discounts. While B2C businesses may take advantage of this period, B2B brands are less likely to do it and get new leads from various businesses. Most businesses use the end of the year to assess their successes and plan for the next year. Holiday marketing is a great way to stand out and be a champion. To achieve that goal, it is important to extend your audience consistently. Either you do it personally or address a B2B lead generation service. Visit our website to learn more about how b2b lead generation works and why it is absolutely vital for modern marketing. 
What is holiday marketing?
Holidays are the best time of the year and everyone loves them. This is when Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales are available. These sales allow people to buy things that they've been wanting for a while. Referring to holiday marketing is a great way to inform customers about discounts and increase brand awareness. All holidays are traditionally recognized as a perfect way to boost sales. It’s not a secret that b2b lead generation depends on lots of parameters, including the targeted audience, ways of communication with it, time, business peculiarities, etc. Holiday marketing mainly depends on time and audience, though a desire to purchase services and products is traditionally higher during holidays and festivals. Thus, we can say that holiday marketing is the process of introducing your company’s services to potential customers regarding the holiday period and its specific nature. 
Why do B2B companies need holiday marketing?
B2B managers need to understand that holiday marketing strategies can’t be considered an ultimate lead generator or change customers’ behavior greatly. These marketing campaigns are effective tips to approach your future sales.
Simply put, holiday marketing allows you to let decision-makers in various industries and sectors know that you are there and offer options. Companies plan for the future by the end of the year, so the best time to start is when the next one starts. You can view it as a long-term investment for b2b online lead generation.
The main reasons for doing holiday marketing are:
  • Holiday shopping is sacred for many people. Thus, they can’t resist buying something new for the house or pleasing their nearest and dearest
  • Enhancement of marketing standards. Since marketing influence is everywhere these days due to modern technologies and the Internet, people are fed up with advertising. During holidays they want to experience a personalized approach and feel a special personal attitude. If you give them that, the clients will be yours.
  • Mutual benefits. Holiday marketing brings outstanding discounts and gifts to customers and, at the same time, rewards brands’ efforts with significant revenue and increased reputation
  • A good way to test the strengths and weaknesses of your business. If your brand can cope with the pressure of holiday marketing, it’s a good sign meaning you are able to grow further on, with or without outsourcing b2b lead generation process. 
Trending holiday marketing strategies
Your team can use holiday marketing strategies to promote long-term goals. B2B marketers have many options, but here are the best.
Marketing strategy for shifting the timing
Your target audience might work differently depending on the season. Small businesses might work more during holidays, while larger companies may be able to reduce their work hours. You can send holiday marketing emails to existing customers or new clients. Make sure they reach recipients and help solve various problems.
Let's say your clientele decides that they want to work longer hours. It is important that your B2B sales process adapts to this change and takes advantage of it. Instead of reaching out to customers during regular business hours, the best time to send useful content to them would be a little later than normal. You might be wondering, "What's the point?" It is very simple. Targeted enterprises may spend a lot of time trying to please all users. Your marketing campaigns can give companies an idea that could help solve problems they currently face.
If your target market reduces its working hours, shifting to holiday hours will result in the same marketing strategy as above. This increases brand awareness and future revenue. You can even see a rise in customer flow. 
Personalized holiday marketing strategy
Holidays are loved by many people for different reasons. The holiday season can be a time when people get too excited, joyful, and sentimental. The holidays are a great time to send personalized marketing emails. If you decide to use email marketing to communicate with clients, it is a good idea to try to reach out to each client on a deeper level. That means, you can try to use various incentives but it’s important to offer them personally if it is possible for your business. A good way to do that is to master appointment setting techniques. Belkins is a b2b lead generation company that knows how to reduce the time of the whole appointment setting process and make such meetings more effective concerning the revenue and outreach plans. A good way to start might be to hire a team of professionals who have experience and know exactly how to organize the appointment setting process from beginning to end. 
Long-lasting marketing campaigns
You may think the B2B sales process can bring you immediate results. B2B companies need to be more thoughtful and focused than B2C businesses. Here's why.
First, holiday marketing will begin to pay off after the holiday season has ended. However, users will not be interested in holiday-themed content after the holidays are over. You need to think of other marketing campaigns that can be used as an extension of your holiday B2B marketing.
This strategy is too simple to overlook and many B2B businesses make the same mistake. This approach is not well-thought-out and can lead to campaigns that fail to convert leads or improve ROI rates.
Social media and B2B holiday advertising campaigns
You should be able to create holiday-themed content to promote your B2B company. However, it is important to understand how you can use it to increase user engagement. People are more likely to share holiday joys and accomplishments on social media during the holidays. People share holiday photos, congratulate loved ones, and go on gift hunting. Brands are well-versed in B2B holiday advertising and will take advantage of any opportunity to spread their messages across all platforms so that their target audience is always aware of their messages. 
A good way to combine social media and traditional means of communication like emails is to set up an email messaging campaign. To avoid the spam folders of your potential customers, you can use special software to personalize your messages and check if they hit the right spot. A good example is Folderly which allows checking if an email has reached its destination or not and has an inbuilt spam checker as a pleasant touch. Improve your email deliverability with just a few clicks of your mouse. 
Update strategy for holiday season workflow
It is okay to have a good time even though you work. This is especially true if the end of the year is in the discussion. This is one of the most effective B2B holiday marketing strategies to show clients that you aren't too serious or cold. However, there is also a human side to your business.
What does this strategy mean? While there are many pillars on which a mutually-beneficial relationship is built, wishing clients happy holidays in work letters is never a waste. Although you don't need to address your customers by their first names, it would be a good idea to introduce a Halloween or Christmas-themed layout to your website.
A holiday video could make the platform a bit too complicated. Another effective way to decorate the CTA area is to use a color scheme. It will be easier for your clients to make decisions that are in your favor once they have gotten to know you better. Many clients have reported that they had the best time working with companies that don't mind introducing some humor when appropriate. This approach ensures that the business doesn't just focus on potential income, but also cares about its customers' well-being.
Bottom line
Time is precious. Start your marketing early this year, as many businesses have already begun offering holiday sales as early as October. To keep up with competitors, you'll want to quickly ramp up your holiday marketing efforts to reach as many consumers as possible. Putting this off can cost you tons of sales and loyal customers. Run campaigns throughout November and December to continue reminding your audience of your products/services and any sales or discounts you're offering. This way, your campaign will have the most powerful impact on the audience. These days will be hot but the revenue you get will redeem all the efforts you put into the process. 
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