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Amazing sea spots in Italy and Croatia

When it comes to holidays, the first image that immediately comes to mind is the sea. But not just any sea! We are talking about that sky-blue sea, at times emerald green; a crystalline, clean sea where you can dive or mirror in with absolute relaxation.

With the arrival of spring and the first rays of the sun, it is natural to ask ourselves "where are we going on holiday this summer?"

When it comes to holidays, the first image that immediately comes to mind is the sea. But not just any sea! We are talking about that sky-blue sea, at times emerald green; a crystalline, clean sea where you can dive or mirror in with absolute relaxation. A sea to photograph, a sea for memorable selfies!

Such a beautiful sea laid down on clean white sandy beaches, we can easily find it without going too far from home. 

So where do we want to take you today? In Italy and Croatia!

Both destinations offer splendid long coasts, pristine islands, and dream seas, with a constantly growing tourist offer and guaranteed services for the whole family and all ages.

If you like the sea, a vacation in Italy or Croatia is the right place for you and your family.

The sea in Italy
Italy is almost entirely surrounded by the sea. From north to south, you can experience colors, scents, and landscapes that are always different but equally exciting.

The sea of Liguria and Tuscany, for example, tends to emerald green due to the dark and rocky bottoms that make the Cinque Terre in Liguria and the Island of Elba in Tuscany so famous; a sea that tends to become increasingly clear and transparent as we descend towards the south of the Peninsula.

Leaving aside for a moment the sea of northern Italy, which also includes the Lido of Venice and the Romagna coast, we head towards the south where the sea is warmer and the colors are more vivid and brilliant, accompanied by a postcard Mediterranean scrub and a breathtaking panorama.

It is no coincidence that the majority of foreign and Italian tourists choose Puglia and Sicily as summer destinations for their holidays.

For your safe and relaxing stays, we advise you to choose one of the Luxury Villas in Italy.

So let's go and discover the most beautiful beaches in Southern Italy.

The sea of Puglia
The Apulian landscape extends from the relaxing countryside, dotted with olive trees and wheat fields, and continues to the coast through villages and baroque cities rich in history and centuries-old traditions. 

The sea of Puglia is famous all over the world for its resemblance to that of the Maldives. The transparent color of the sea, given by the shallow waters and the golden sand, is loved by adults and children and gives indescribable emotions as soon as you lose your gaze in the blue of the sea and the sky.

The best beaches where you can relax with all five senses and enjoy a fabulous sea and white and sandy beaches, is undoubtedly the southern area of Puglia, Salento.

We propose below the most popular beaches.

Bay Vignanotica

We are in Gargano Park, north of Puglia. Vignanotica Bay overlooks a rocky wall that drops sheer down to the crystalline sea. 

The beach is very extensive and allows you to enjoy the sea 100% between walking, swimming, and kayaking.

Bay of Zagare

Baia delle Zagare is probably one of the most famous places in Puglia, as its rocky arches immersed in the crystalline sea are now a symbol of the region. 

The huge beaches of light sand and the proximity to natural parks allow a real immersion in the green of the forests and in the blue of the sea.

Polignano a Mare

The splendid Polignano a mare is a delightful town with a characteristic historic center overlooking the sea. Polignano a Mare is one of the most popular travel destinations in Puglia and the most famous beach is that of Lama Monachile, present on every postcard of the city.

The whole area is full of beaches surrounded by accommodation facilities, clubs, and restaurants where you can spend a holiday full of fun and relaxation.

Porto Selvaggio

We now go down further south, in Salento, a tourist destination par excellence and the most coveted.

Both the Adriatic and Ionian coasts offer incredible sceneries and crystal clear waters. Salento is also famous for fun and offers many clubs and restaurants to enjoy your holiday with joy, without neglecting the cultural and food, and wine heritage that Puglia can offer. 

The first Salento beach that we recommend is certainly Porto Selvaggio, a nature reserve located between Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo. The path leads directly to the sandy beach. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Torre Dell'Orso (Melendugno)

The sandy beach of Torre dell'Orso, almost 1 km long, is dominated by two limestone stacks, called “the two sisters”, which are reflected in the transparent waters. This is also a good place for a long morning walk in the water.

Porto Badisco (Otranto)

Porto Badisco is a natural inlet characterized by limestone rocks that embrace the sea, whose seabed is a true paradise for snorkelers. The perfect place to enjoy the sea without so many people and kids around.


Pescoluse is located between Ugento and Santa Maria di Leuca and is known as the Maldives of Salento. The very long 4 km long white beach is characterized by dunes, their white lilies and crystal clear waters; its shallow waters are the ideal destination for families with children.

Salina dei Monaci

Salina dei Monaci is a marine reserve a few steps from Manduria, one of the most evocative but less crowded places in Salento to spend a day at the beach in total relaxation.  

Salina dei Monaci is surrounded by dunes and rich vegetation that attracts pink flamingos and other bird species that bird watchers will much appreciate.

A landscape very similar to that of Puglia is that of Sicily, which offers a delightful sea combined with a luxuriant surrounding nature, ideal for those who love hiking or biking.

One of the best solutions to enjoy an unforgettable vacation is to stay in one of the Luxury Villas in Puglia.

The sea of Sicily
The beaches in Sicily are mostly sandy and the sea is clear, so they are ideal for families with children and for lovers of the soft sandy beaches. In Ragusa area (Ragusa, Modica, Pozzallo, and Ispica), you can find bathing establishments with sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, and bars, games for children, and sports activities such as beach volleyball, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Sicily, and the South-Eastern area, in particular, offers a wonderful sea where you can relax with the family, have a drink on the beach and enjoy the sea in all its facets. Its beautiful views from sunrise to sunset, the natural landscapes that stretch from the countryside to the sea passing through canyons, and its enchanted emerald lakes will introduce you to the wonderland.

Below we provide you with some seaside locations not to be missed.

Marina di Modica
Recently Marina di Modica and Maganuco have been awarded the Blue Flag, the most important international recognition that certifies the quality of the sea, beaches, and the entire city, services included.

Let's start with Marina di Modica, which offers an enchanting cycle promenade, a long bay with light and fine sand, a bay that is framed by a romantic hill of dunes where you can enjoy dreamy sunsets.

Marina di Modica offers many services and accommodation options for all tastes. The seabed is very shallow in the first 15 meters and is therefore ideal for morning walks in the water, sunbathing or playing with your children.

From here it is also possible to reach the adjacent beach of Maganuco or take a rental bike and follow the panoramic coast-to-coast cycle path that leads to the nearby Sampieri, a traditional fishing village much loved by families.

Finally, remember that from the nearby port of Pozzallo, it is possible to organize short tours to the island of Malta.

Santa Maria del Focallo
Not far from Marina di Modica and Pozzallo, we find Santa Maria del Focallo, a seaside town in the province of Ispica, a beautiful baroque city, and a place of production of sesame.

The scenery is very similar to that of Marina di Modica, with long and sandy beaches, excellent fish restaurants and pizzerias, Italian bars, and services for the whole family.

From Santa Maria del Focallo it is also possible to reach Punta Cirica, where you can admire breathtaking scenery.

Marina di Ragusa
Marina di Ragusa is perhaps the most chic. Its numerous nice shops, discos, bars, ice cream heaven “gelateria” and restaurants make this area very popular both day and night.

The beaches are very long, sandy and well-equipped and those who love surfing will also find some interesting spots here.

The strong point of Marina di Ragusa is the ultra-modern port, where thousands of yachts, sailboats, and motorboats of all kinds dock every year.

Punta Secca
Staying in the Ragusa area, we absolutely recommend Punta Secca, the small village known to most as the set of Montalbano films.

It can be reached both from the road and from the sea by renting a dinghy from Marina di Ragusa.

This area is very popular with dolphins so if you happen to find yourself in the sea, don't be surprised if you see a group of dolphins approaching you with the excuse of playing. You will have fun too!

You can consider to stay in one of the Holiday Villas for rent in Sicily.

What if we want an alternative to Italy? We definitely recommend Croatia!

The sea of Croatia
The sea of Croatia is a true masterpiece of nature.

The beautiful coasts of Croatia and the Kornati Islands, an archipelago of over 100 islands, most of which are part of a natural park of extraordinary beauty, will be the perfect destination for you and your family. 

For your holidays you can choose one of the Luxury Villas in Croatia.

Croatia offers a paradisiacal stretch of sea for sailors, divers, and snorkelers. The beaches, more often than not, are accessible only by boat and this offers a guarantee of the real possibility of living days of total relaxation and tranquility in contact with nature and the sea.

But this beautiful location offers so much more. Don't miss a visit to the renowned Krka National Park located along the Krka River in southern Croatia, famous for a series of 7 waterfalls including Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap and the island of Visovac, home to the Franciscan monastery "Our Lady of Mercy. "From the 15th century.

Between days on the beach and excursions in naturalistic landscapes, Croatia will also delight you with amazing dishes and traditional recipes. You can find here many fish and vegetarian restaurants scattered along the coast where you can taste traditional local delicatessen and exquisite fresh fish menus.

Kornati Islands
Do you have no interest in shops and clubs and are you looking for unspoiled nature and a beautiful sea? 

We then propose the beautiful Kornati Islands. This Croatian archipelago has more than one hundred islands, some of which are part of a natural park. 

The name of the archipelago derives from impressive rocks overlooking the sea which are called crowns, widespread especially in the lower Kornati.

They have impressive heights of around 60 meters out of the water and more than 100 meters underwater. 

This stretch of sea is a true paradise for sailors, divers, and snorkelers; the beaches are often only accessible by boat and never crowded. The Kornati islands are not a destination for everyone but for those looking for peace, wild nature, and a beautiful sea. 

In addition to the crystal clear sea, you will be delighted by fish restaurants, military fortresses, ancient tombs, and Venetian castles.

What do you think, let's go? The heavenly sea of Italy and Croatia awaits you!

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