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Are you planning a road trip in New Zealand? Here are the top tips on how to plan an excellent road trip

If you want to take a road trip throughout New Zealand, keep reading for the topmost vital suggestions on how to plan and thoroughly enjoy your vacation while keeping safe.

New Zealand's tiny size and breathtaking surroundings make it an ideal location for a road vacation.

There's something for everyone, whether you're an 'I need a hot shower' sort of camper or a hardened camping fan who enjoys more secluded campgrounds.

If you want to take a road trip throughout New Zealand, keep reading for the topmost vital suggestions on how to plan and thoroughly enjoy your vacation while keeping safe.

Purchase travel insurance
You should look into the many forms of travel insurance available based on the activities you intend to participate in. If it happens you booked your trip through a travel agency; they would almost certainly be able to provide travel insurance at an extra fee.

Many firms provide varying levels of coverage, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. In a nation like New Zealand, where extreme activities like skydiving and bungee jumping are popular, it's a good idea to have the correct kind of insurance.

A car or a campervan
When road touring in New Zealand, you have several alternatives, including small group excursions or hiring a vehicle or campervan on your own. Although planning a tour may appear to be the most stress-free and enjoyable way to travel, making the journey on your own in your vehicle may be frightening, but it does not have to be. This mode of transportation is highly adaptable.

There are several reasons to tour New Zealand in a campervan, including that it is relatively economical. However, it comes down to personal decisions; both automobiles and campervans are excellent alternatives for seeing New Zealand at your leisure, stopping anywhere and whenever you choose.

Choose your route
Of course, planning is never as exciting as the trip itself, but it may ensure that your vacation runs well. Having a basic concept of where you want to travel is helpful, but booking campsites is so simple that changing your schedule is typically not an issue.

Both the North and South Islands of New Zealand are breathtaking, and it is highly advised that you visit both even if you only have a limited amount of time.

Numerous sites to visit genuinely depend on your preferences; you may opt to travel between major towns and cities or go off the beaten path to view nature, beaches, and the coast.

Learn about traffic laws and speed limits
Suppose you want to plan your route ahead of time. In that case, several websites have 'travel time and distance calculators,' which are incredibly useful for calculating how long a journey will take you because roads, even national highways, can be curvy and narrow.

New Zealand has few major highways, with the majority located in metropolitan areas on the North Island. In general, you won't drive as quickly as you would at home because many routes are mountainous and need a significantly slower pace.

The national speed limit is 100KM/Hr, which is enforced on most major rural routes. This does not necessarily imply that you will be able to attain this speed, but it indicates the most incredible speed you should be able to achieve. Many roads feature single lanes with 'passing points' at regular intervals.

Many slow-moving cars on hilly routes will take advantage of this, so don't try to pass them right away.

Campgrounds and lodging
Because there are so many campgrounds in New Zealand, you may be flexible with your plan. If you discover that a journey is taking considerably longer than intended, you may quickly call a campground on the spot and obtain a place. Apps like CamperMate and Rankers NZ give interactive maps that display all available campsites in the region, which is highly handy if you want to see what campsites are available.

The Department of Conservation provides relatively basic sites in more remote, potentially more scenically beautiful areas. In contrast, chains such as 'Kiwi Holiday Parks' and 'Top Ten Holiday Parks' provide amenities such as a kitchen, hot showers, and frequently a BBQ. Outside the playground area, some facilities will also offer other sporting activities, such as casino games in New Zealand. Due to the considerable number of casino websites in New Zealand, they will also be visitors from other countries who wish to try playing the countries casino. 

The price difference is noticeable, but the last campsites still charge an average of 40-55 NZ dollars per night for two people, which is far less than you would spend for private accommodation in comparable settings.

Alternatively, you can rent a room in one of the country's hotels, hostels, or guest homes. 

Check to see whether your driver's license is still valid
It is critical to ensure that your driver's license is still valid in New Zealand. For 12 months, any British citizen may use their British driving license. If you do not have a British passport, you must determine if you require an International Driving Permit. This information will be provided through your automobile rental company, so send them an email once you've booked your reservation. You may work through the stages in our helpful guide to driving abroad to ensure you are adequately prepared to get behind the wheel in a new nation.

Preparation & Safety
To begin with, planning ahead of time may save you a lot of trouble once you arrive. If you are a British citizen, you should familiarize yourself with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's travel advice for New Zealand before departing. While tectonic plate activity is responsible for much of the country's gorgeous beauty, it also raises the danger of natural calamities such as earthquakes. Keeping an eye on FCO updates and local news as it arrives will help you stay on top of any significant developments.

New Zealand is breathtaking, and by organizing a road trip, you will be able to explore the nation's attractions while having one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Try to look to many areas as possible and make new acquaintances along the way; many people who come to New Zealand take similar itineraries, so it's a fantastic chance to meet new people.

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