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Are you traveling? Here’s how to get internet

And now let’s see what are the options.

Being on the road is wonderful, but it makes it even better if you have an internet connection whenever you need it. Having no internet today, especially when you are traveling can ruin some moments and you can easily spend hours trying to make it work instead of enjoying the vacation.  The good thing today is that you can travel anywhere and always have your internet connection working flawlessly.

There are several options for those who want to have a working internet connection while traveling. But make sure to get everything ready before you go. Some of the options presented below will require you to get in touch with your phone carrier and check whether they have international data plans or something similar for travelers. You really want to avoid a huge phone bill the month after you come from your trip.

And now let’s see what are the options.

How to get internet while traveling
Before you turn on your data when traveling abroad it is recommended to check with your phone carrier about the possible huge bills. It is always better to ask them if they have any data packages for traveling abroad. Most of them do have international plans that are excellent for such situations.

OK, it will cost you a little, but not as much as if you were using your standard data plan. Those international data plans will make you worry less about your next phone bill.

Local SIM card
Depending on the country you are traveling to you can get a local SIM card. So, before you go abroad check the rules about getting a local SIM card. If you can easily get one then this is a good option.

One thing to remember if you can get a local SIM card is to keep your original SIM card somewhere safe. It would be a problem if you lose it.

Also, in case your phone is locked at your current provider you will need to unlock it. This is not a problem if you have had your phone for a year or more, but if you have just got it it would be a problem. However, it is worth checking with your provider.

Mobile hotspot
A mobile hotspot will turn your phone into a hotspot which will allow other people that are traveling with you to use your internet connection. You can use an app to turn your smartphone into a personal hotspot or if you have an iPhone it already has this feature built-in. It only takes a few taps on the screen to activate it on your phone but you have to be aware that it uses your cellular data plan.

It is also recommended to check with your phone carrier about this hotspot feature because it also affects your data plan. If there is a service they can offer for a decent price it is always better to go with that option instead of trying free alternatives.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Local WiFi
WiFi is always an option to get internet access when traveling abroad. In some cities you won’t have any problems finding good WiFi, However, if you are going to a mountain village then this may be a problem.

Most restaurants today give free WiFi access to their guests and it is worth paying for a coffee or a drink while you check your emails or update your social network posts. This is also an option in most hotels, so when you choose your places to stay, always check whether they provide free WiFi or not.

Public hotspots are also an option. You can find them in every city but there are some security concerns if you decide to use them. You can find more information about it in the following article.

International WiFi hotspot
This is an excellent option and it practically feels like you have put your wireless router in your backpack or in your pocket. You will have no problems recharging these once you use all the bandwidth.

You can easily charge them since they are portable. Depending on the device, some of them can be used as portable chargers as well.
The good thing about these international WiFi hotspots is that they can be rented, so you won’t have to buy a new one. The prices are really affordable so it wouldn’t cost much if you are traveling for a few days.

These hotspots usually come with pay-as-you-go plans. So, you will only pay for what you have used. Also, if you are not traveling alone the people with you can also use the same connection for their activities. Just don’t forget to set up the device properly before you leave the country. This will allow you to have WiFi wherever there is a cell signal available.

Final thoughts
After you try all these options we are pretty sure that the international WiFi hotspot will be your device of choice for any travels in the future. It is something that really outperforms all the other options to stay connected while traveling.

Before your trip, it is always better to do your homework and find the possible options to have an internet connection wherever you go. Whether it is going to be in a hotel or a restaurant, or you are going to turn your phone into a hotspot or you are planning to rent or buy an international WiFi hotspot it is always better to be prepared than trying to find a solution while traveling. You really don’t want to spend hours trying to get an internet connection instead of enjoying your trip.

Main photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash