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Cannabis-friendly destinations for seniors looking to chill out

If so, you should think about rejuvenating your mind with a relaxing cannabis vacation. It’s more enjoyable than lying on a beach or cruise ship.

You've probably been stuck at home for the last few years. I know it's been tough trying to hide from Covid-19, but the world is finally opening up. Do you feel it's safe to travel now that you're vaccinated?

If so, you should think about rejuvenating your mind with a relaxing cannabis vacation. It's more enjoyable than lying on a beach or cruise ship. Here are a few top destinations you should take into consideration.

1. Denver, Colorado
Recreational weed was legalized in Colorado almost 10 years ago, so they've had lots of time to perfect their offerings. Denver is home to the first social consumption club in the country, which is a great way to become friends with the locals.

Enjoy a few CBD-infused cocktails in bars scattered around the city. Jump on a special tour bus if you'd like to explore. You'll be allowed to consume cannabis while discovering the best taco joints and pizza parlors.

2. Toronto, Ontario
When your cannabis delivery in Toronto arrives, you'll be able to enjoy a weed-friendly yoga class. You won't be able to smoke during a session thanks to Canadian law, but you'll be able to spark up before getting into a downward-facing dog.

Find great deals on Mississauga cannabis delivery and get high before visiting a famous museum. Wander around an aquarium that holds 1.5 million gallons of water. Toronto also has a few magical markets you'll appreciate when stoned.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver has funky little cannabis cafes where you'll be able to smoke in a back room. It's a great way to test different strains to find your favorite. Once the munchies kick in, you'll be able to order food from their tasty menus.

The city is home to the first shop in Canada that sold seeds and bongs back in the day. It's become a place people enjoy visiting, but not just for nostalgic reasons. You'll be able to find any cannabis-related product under the sun.

4. Springs, California
Palm Springs has over two pot shops per 10,000 residents, so they'll be able to handle your cannabis needs. People enjoy visiting a spa while on vacation. In the desert city, you'll find gems like massages with cannabis oils.

You'll be able to visit a grow facility if you're interested in where the drug comes from. It's highly educational, so you'll learn all about the plant and its benefits. At night, you can relax with friends in a marijuana lounge.

5. Portland, Oregon
Everyone loves Portland because it's one of the craziest cities in North America. It's the only place where its locals are proud to be called freaks. Nobody is surprised by what's happened since marijuana was legalized.

Hotels offer cannabis-friendly accommodation packages that include gifts like vapes and rolling paper. Social clubs have great nightly performances, plus an outdoor deck where you can enjoy a smoke in between songs.

Travel Around North America
Lots of great cities are trying to capitalize on weed legalization, so you'll have plenty of spaces to explore over the next decade.

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash