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Consider these things when planning your wedding in Italy


Read on to know more.

Do you wish to get married in Italy? If yes, the choice of place stands as a testimony of your great taste. Italy is famously called “Bel Paese”, the Italian phrase for a beautiful country. The land is known for its natural treasures. And thanks to the amazing sense of aesthetics of the locals, the manmade structures of the place are equally breathtaking.

However, before you move forward, you must know a few things about destination wedding Italy. Read on to know more.

Pick the right wedding location and venue
The best thing about Italy is that you will not need to be a wise person to pick the right wedding location and venue. Every single place in this European nation is beautiful and has fascinating features to boast of.

If you want to choose one of the known and conventional places for your destination wedding, you can pick Venice, Rome, or Florence. However, these are not the only places that can make the celebration look grand. Moving towards the Italian countryside will introduce you to some enchanting locations. Some of the options you can choose from include Amalfi’s stunning coastline, Umbria’s hilly terrains, Tuscany’s epic hills, and so on.

Know the legal procedure well
If you want to get married legally in Italy, you must complete a complex legal procedure. As every country has different rules when it comes to legal marriage, speaking to an expert is a must for you.

Governments of some countries have entered pacts with the government of Italy regarding the marriage of citizens. Find out whether your country has any such agreement with Italy. The rules regarding marriage will also depend on whether your country is part of the Monaco Convention, Hague Convention, or any other international convention.

If you work with an experienced wedding planner, your job will become a lot simpler. The expert will take care of all the legal aspects of your marriage. This will ensure that you don’t fall prey to any legal complications.

You have to book everything in advance
Italy has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the past few years. So, if you want to enjoy a perfect wedding in the country, you must book well in advance.

Ideally, you should fix the wedding date and complete the bookings at least a year before that date. If you miss doing so, you will never get the venue of your choice and there are also chances that you will need to change your plans. Once the venue is booked, you should also not delay booking your tickets to Italy. This means you will also need to prepare the guest list of your destination wedding in advance.

Plan the trip meticulously
You must know that many of your guests will be visiting Italy for the first time in their lives. What’s more, some of them will be doing so for the last time. So, it would be a good idea to appreciate their presence by organizing a trip for them. If you hire a top wedding planner for your destination wedding, they will be able to arrange the trip for you.

The trip is not required to be an elaborate one. Visits to a few archaeological sites located near the wedding venue should be enough for your guests to be happy. Italy is home to thousands of such places. You can obviously opt for more extravagant trips if you have a bigger budget.

Final words
The best time to be in Italy for your destination wedding is in summer. However, the weather in the country remains good during most times of the year. Individuals who are not worried about the budget can pick summer to get married in Italy. For others, fall is the best season.