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Designing your backyard for entertaining

With a few tips and adequate planning, you can enjoy a beautiful backyard space that will last you for years to come.

The interior of your home is everything you want it to be and now it’s time to focus on the exterior. You like to have guests over, so the logical choice is to have a backyard that is designed for entertaining. With a few tips and adequate planning, you can enjoy a beautiful backyard space that will last you for years to come. Plus, it will surprise your friends and family members. 

Outdoor kitchens
The easiest way to bring the comforts of your indoor kitchen outside is to design one to suit your needs for outdoor use. Luxury outdoor kitchens are gaining ground, as more and more people are looking to throw outdoor parties and events. The convenience of having a sink, grill and stove top nearby, so you can cook while hosting in style is priceless. The options are plentiful. Beautiful stainless steel pieces surrounded in handcrafted cabinetry await you. All you have to do is choose what works best for your situation and budget. 

With entertaining comes food
Now that you have a stunning and functional outdoor kitchen at your disposal, what do you make? Well don’t enjoy all the fun on your first go round, as providing all the food for all of your guests can be a daunting task. Consider a potluck party for your backyard entertaining. With these 20 potluck dishes, you, your friends and your family can pitch in together to supply the grub for everyone to share. This way, you can focus on being an awesome host, while not being tied to preparation and cooking duty. 

Bring on the tunes
What good is having a party without any music? Here's an area where you also have plenty of options when it comes to choosing speakers for your outdoor space. A quick and easy solution would be installing an outdoor bluetooth speaker system for all of your music needs. Choose between LED lantern lights with speakers or solar powered rock designs to pair to your MP3 or smartphone player. Dancing the night away and a sleek outdoor party scene go hand in hand. 

Let’s play
Being outside just calls for outdoor activities. Create a space where people can enjoy a rousing game of volleyball. It’s a fun game where many guests can get involved and have a good time. Or, you can go a more traditional route with a horseshoe pit. Watch the competition grow, as guests strive to get their horseshoe on that post. Plus it can be used as a ring toss for the kiddies. If you have the space, you could even enjoy bowling. With some DIY skills and knowing your way around a circular saw, you can create a wonderful backyard bowling lane for everyone to enjoy. 

Outdoor furniture
To complement your excellent new outdoor kitchen, you’re going to need some comfortable furniture. A good plan of action would include the amount of people on average, you will have over. Having seating options for everyone and possibly an unexpected guest, is a safe bet. Outdoor couches, lounge seats and tables with chairs should all be a priority. Being able to kick back and relax while talking with friends, family and enjoying delicious food, is what life's all about. 

Designing a backyard for entertaining can all be achieved with planning, patience, a budget and knowhow. Take your outdoor party to the next level and enjoy the good times.