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Discovering food experiences in Athens, Greece

A variety of dishes served as traditional lunch in a restaurant in Israel

Pack your appetite and your curiosity about the amazing foods of Athens!

Picture yourself wandering down sun-soaked streets in Athens, delicious smells from Greek kitchens floating in the air. You turn a corner — and another wonderful food discovery awaits! An open-air market. A quaint taverna tucked into a side alley. The Athens dining scene is as fresh and vibrant as this ancient city itself, reinterpreting centuries-old recipes with contemporary flair. There’s something here for every palate, so dive in and savor the tastes of real Greece, in an atmosphere of generous hospitality. Pack your appetite and your curiosity about the amazing foods of Athens!

The magic of Athenian markets
Start your Greek food journey at the Central Market, the Varvakios Agora. Full of life, the market stalls are packed with colorful fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meats. Friendly vendors call out their promotions of the day.

Take home some marinated olives, sample some Greek cheeses, and don’t forget the dried herbs. The market is not only a place for you to buy the ingredients you need; it’s an excellent place to bond with Greek food culture.

Savor the street food
You absolutely cannot miss out on street food in Athens. There is nothing better than walking up to Monastiraki Square and inhaling the smell of gyros and souvlaki fanning all around you. All of this is served in a magical pita full of tomatoes, onion, and tzatziki. The best part, the taste is too good to be true, and the prices are just delightful.

Before you leave, make sure you try loukoumades, Greek donuts with honey and cinnamon. With every single bite, they will conquer your sweet tooth.

Taverna delights
After all this eating, it’s time to slow down the pace, right? That’s when you head to a Greek taverna — and there are many in and around Athens. On the menu, you’ll find moussaka, a baked casserole of eggplant and meat topped with a rich béchamel sauce, and of course, there’s also spanakopita, a traditional spinach pie.

Finally, wash it all down with some ouzo. A classic Greek liquor, flavored with anise, that pairs wonderfully with all dishes. The entertainment? Live music. End the day on a fun, beautiful unforgettable note.

The rise of modern Greek cuisine
Indulge in an edible union of old and new in Athens. Ancient recipes are reinvented by the city’s most cutting-edge chefs. Age-old flavors meld with a modern approach in a destination that honors its roots while looking ahead. Visit Funky Gourmet, a Michelin-starred restaurant that is transforming traditional dining in Athens. Savor dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat, featuring one-of-a-kind pairings like lamb, coffee, and white chocolate.

Sweet endings
Save some room for dessert. Find a local bakery and sample baklava, a dessert made of layers of filo, nuts, and honey syrup. Another favorite is galaktoboureko, a custard pie.

For a unique sweet experience, Lukumades is a must for one-of-a-kind donut-like treats. The fun comes when you choose a topping – Nutella, white chocolate, or old-fashioned honey and nuts.

Food tours in Athens
For the appetite of a true foodie, an organized food tour is definitely in order. Book a ticket for one of the best food tours in Athens to get access to the city’s hidden gems, delicious dishes, and expert guides. Learn the story behind each bite. This experience is the best way to explore the variety of Athenian food and the rich history behind it all.

Cooking classes
Sign up for a fun and educational experience with a cooking class that gives foodies a hands-on experience with the flavors of Greece. Traditional recipes including popular dishes like dolmades and pastitsio, all are taught by a team of experienced chefs. Plus, the custom includes a fun trip to a local food market, so you can pick out fresh produce yourself.

Athens is full of delicious surprises. At the marketplaces, in the restaurants, in the dishes you will taste – the Greek cuisine and its flavors are manifold. Whether enjoying some street food or eating at a fancy restaurant, Athens’ culinary scene will leave you with warm memories.