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Family-friendly fun: Amalfi Coast tours packages for memorable family vacations


Our private luxury tours are popular with families looking to enjoy an exclusive holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

Do beaches come to mind when you think of summer? Or perhaps you are looking to escape to a warm and sunny region for a little bit? We can make it happen here at Italy Luxury Tours with our Amalfi Coast tour packages. Our expert team of travel planners will help you plan your summer holiday, ensuring you can make the most of it along the Amalfi Coast with our exclusive itineraries and carefully curated travel tour packages.

Our private luxury tours are popular with families looking to enjoy an exclusive holiday on the Amalfi Coast. We mean it when we say ‘private’ and ‘exclusive’ because you will only be traveling with your family while accompanied by a personal guide and driver. Plus, we provide a luxurious and comfortable vehicle to help you get around. With our Amalfi Coast vacation package, you won’t have to worry about taking public transport or squeezing yourself in a cramped tour bus or van with strangers. We also eliminate the need for you to find and book hotels on your own because we include the finest accommodation in our tour packages.

Amalfi Coast and more
At Italy Luxury Tours, we offer ready-made private Amalfi Coast tour packages either as a standalone experience or as part of a travel package. Families that choose us have different needs, which is why we ensure flexibility and do our best to fulfill their unique requirements. Some might want to simply sit back and unwind on the Mediterranean to immerse themselves in the local culture and indulge in its food and wines.

If you want to do more, we can take your family on excursions and day tours to Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri Island, Mount Vesuvius, Paestum, and other iconic destinations. We also offer this private Amalfi Coast vacation package that treats you to a private yacht to visit the colorful coastal towns and small bays in Capri. It also includes an Amalfi Coast cruise that lets you experience Italian luxury through activities like exclusive wine tasting and visits to trendy restaurants and chic cafes.

Enjoy exclusive experiences
Summer on the Amalfi Coast can be a more memorable and delightful experience with your loved ones. However, planning this trip can become overwhelming, whether it’s your first time visiting or coming back to see more. So, we make it easier by offering various custom private tours in and around the Mediterranean Sea. Below are some of the places and experiences we include in our Amalfi Coast tour packages:

Positano is one of those destinations that make your Amalfi Coast vacation package more enjoyable. The picturesque cliff town features colorful houses and villas, luxury restaurants, and unique shops that can make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and experienced a private, luxurious Italian holiday with a sense of nostalgia. We can even arrange private food and wine tours that include experiences like eating the quintessential gelato on the beach and eating pizza in a traditional restaurant.

Fiordo of Furore
Swimming is almost always an important aspect of any summer holiday, especially in a destination like Amalfi Coast. Allow us to bring you and your family to Fiordo of Furore and its breathtaking fjord with clear turquoise waters. Our Amalfi Coast tour packages will also let you make the most of your visit to Furore. It’s not too popular with regular tourist crowds, so you can explore it in a more laid-back way to appreciate its stunning murals, culture, and people.

Minori and its Roman Villa
We can arrange your accommodation in one of the Amalfi Coast’s many luxury apartments and villas. But how about a glimpse of luxury living from the past? We make this possible by including the Roman Villa in Minori in your Amalfi Coast vacation package. This iconic historical building has been around since the first century BCE, and it still boasts well-preserved frescoes and remarkable runs. Being here is a one-of-a-kind experience that makes you feel like you have traveled back to ancient times.

Discover more unique Amalfi Coast tour packages
At Italy Luxury Tours, we offer unique itineraries and experiences for a more memorable family vacation. You alreadyknow what the Amalfi Coast looks like, but what about how it tastes? You can experience this with our Flavors of the Amalfi Coast tour package. It’s one of our sought-after food and wine tours in Italy that provides a first-hand experience of the region’s breathtaking views, fresh fish, colorful sunsets, and local cuisine.

Our Amalfi Coast vacation package takes you to Naples to experience a traditional morning with cheese, freshly baked loaves, vegetables, and fresh fish. Then, we’ll bring you to an exclusive cooking class where you and your family can learn to prepare and make traditional Neapolitan food. You’ll experience more with custom cooking classes in Ravello, where you can discover the delicacy of southern Italian wines and cuisine. Plus, we will take you to Sorrento Hills to learn about authentic olive oils and discover mozzarella cheese on an exclusive tour.

If you have more time, we offer a Rome & Amalfi Coast tour to give you a different perspective on these popular destinations. Rome is home to some of the best cuisines in Italy, delighting even the most discerning gourmets with delicious local pasta dishes, pizza, gelato, snacks, and seasonal fare. Our Amalfi Coast tour packages will immerse you in the delicacies of Neapolitan and Roman cuisine, then treat you to the best olive oils and Mozzarella cheese of the Mediterranean. If you’re traveling with older children, you can bond over the amazing Southern Italian wines in Sorrento and Capri.

Enjoy the Amalfi Coast with our classic tours
Do you prefer to experience Italy and the Amalfi Coast the traditional way? Allow us to add a touch of privacy with our exclusive Amalfi Coast vacation package that will make you experience La Dolce Vita (the sweet life). Our Italy Classic Tour is a 14-day adventure that will take you through must-see destinations, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, San Gimignano, Siena, Capri, Sorrento, and Amalfi Coast to discover what makes the country so special.

At Italy Luxury Tours, we understand that traveling with family can be a daunting experience, which is why we take care of everything to help you relax and enjoy a worry-free trip. Allow us to take the guesswork out of planning a tour with our Amalfi Coast tour packages that include other destinations, such as the Gulf of Naples, Tuscany, Apulia, and Sorrento and Cilento Coast.

Plan your family holiday on the Amalfi Coast today
If you wish to learn more about a certain Amalfi Coast vacation package, don’t hesitate to call +1 (855) 539 0045 to speak to one of our experts. You can also find other Amalfi Coast tours packages here.