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Five reasons you should pick Prague as your stag do destination

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Prague is also a great party spot and the perfect location for an unforgettable bachelor party. The city is known for its cheap alcohol, food, places to stay, and abundant things to do.

Have you ever heard Prague referred to as the heart of Europe? With its abundant history, breathtaking sightseeing, and Prague Castle, which is the largest coherent castle complex in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Don’t let the image of romantic walks on cobblestone streets give you the impression that Prague is just a slow-paced sightseeing destination. On the contrary, Prague is also a great party spot and the perfect location for an unforgettable bachelor party. The city is known for its cheap alcohol, food, places to stay, and abundant things to do. We bet some of the activities will exceed your imagination, so be sure to check them out!

1. Easy to get to
Prague earned the nickname “the heart of Europe” for multiple reasons. Not only is it the most beautiful city in the world, but it’s also located right in the heart of the old continent and is easily accessible by air. Flights from other European capitals are so short that you’ll be admiring the beauty of Czech women and drinking your first beer before you know it! If you prefer to avoid airport hassle, you can also drive or take a train. Booking an entire train carriage in advance can even cost less than flying and make for a great start to your party. Alternatively, you can take a bus, but keep in mind that the ride may be a bit rough. Check out “RegioJet” for trains and buses, or “FlixBus” for just buses, or use your favorite airplane ticket search portal like “skyscanner”. Have you started packing for your Prague weekend yet?

2. Getting around Prague
No good with maps? No problem. Prague is easy to navigate, and you don’t need to search for a “Prague guide.” You can easily walk to most of the fun places if you stay in central areas. If you want to explore more remote parts of the city, you can rely on public transportation. It’s cheap (less than 2 EUR for a 90-minute ticket) and reliable, with options like buses, trams, and the metro. Just be aware that the metro stops running at midnight, so you may need to walk or take a taxi from a bar. Apps like Uber, Bolt, or Liftago work well in Prague and won’t break the bank either.

3. Food and drinks
There is a bar or pub on every corner in the city, making a Prague pub crawl a must-do activity. Restaurants in Prague offer cuisine from around the world, and you can also find casinos that feel like you’ve been transported to Vegas. Prague’s specialty is its breweries, which often come with a great restaurant and even rooms to stay in. The Czech beer is a must-try and can be as cheap as 2-3 EUR.

Czechs also enjoy wine, especially those from the Moravia region, and wine tasting is a nice option for those who want to start the party a little slower. Try the fruit spirit slivovice, which looks innocent but has a less innocent smell.

Czech cuisine is rich and delicious, with meat, dumplings, and sauces that are sure to hit the spot. A meal of Guláš or Svíčková with a side of dumplings and a pint of Plzeň or two is one of the best local culinary experiences you can have in Prague. Restaurant prices in Prague are also affordable which is an added bonus.

4. Safety
Let’s be real. You and your crew are likely to get into some shenanigans. Another great aspect of Prague is its safety. Unless you do something incredibly foolish (like bothering people on the street while dressed in a teletubbie costume), no one will bother you (or they may even join in on your party, as Czechs are known to be friendly and certainly enjoy their beer!). It’s not just our opinion, the Czech Republic has been rated as one of the top 5 safest countries in Europe. However, pickpockets are a common occurrence in any city, including Prague, so keep an eye on your belongings in crowded areas and particularly on the metro.

5. Activities
Sure, you might get a little tired of drinking (even though it’s a stag party!) if you start on Thursday night and keep downing beers non-stop the entire weekend. But remember, the Czech capital is a fun and adventurous place to be, and the variety of activities you can make a part of your Prague stag do is almost unlimited. From having your soon-to-be-married friend handcuffed to a dwarf (yes, you read that right!) to hiring a private stripper or dining on a Prague river cruise, the city has it all. You can start planning the weekend yourself, or reach out Wild Stag for help. We’re happy to support you in planning the best Prague weekend ever for you and your friends!