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Five restaurants you must visit in London

In this article, we’ll look at a few restaurants that you should definitely check out.

In the beautiful city of London, there are a fair amount of restaurants that warrant a visit from locals and tourists alike. In this article, we’ll look at a few restaurants that you should definitely check out.

Kricket White City
Kricket White City has, in a short time, become a gravity center for London. This establishment serves Indian cuisine banquets from its open kitchen to dining booths. The tropical terrace has a relaxed and vibrant feel. Kricket White City offers all-day dining, cocktails, beers, coffees, and wine for a lovely get together with friends and family.

Kricket White City has been given an excellent review regarding the value, service, and food. Some of the divine dishes served at Kricket White City include Tandoor Cauliflower, Gujarati Kadai and stem pickle, and Old Dheli Chicken, with fenugreek and ginger.

This restaurant also offers a takeout option, through Deliveroo's takeaway app. Betway Insider noted that Google Keyword planner searches for takeaways have risen by nearly 300% between March and May 2020. With takeaway apps, great food is just a tap away. So why not keep things simple, and enjoy Kricket White City from home or your hotel?

Clove Club
Opening their doors in March of 2013, this modern English restaurant has what customers need. This restaurant was named after the original supper club, founded by Daniel Willis, Johnny Smith, and Isaac McHale.

This beautifully designed restaurant and bar have an informal and calm setting perfect for relaxed vibes and a good friend's company. Tasty menu items are sourced from across The British Isles with different meals inspired from all over the world. Signature dishes you can expect at the Clove Club include flamed Cornish mackerel and the buttermilk fried chicken.

This warm, welcoming restaurant was initially opened up by Skye Gyngell at Somerset House in London. Spring restaurant is designed with elegance and beauty in the Centre of London's arts and culture area.

Spring has a tasty dinner menu for all to enjoy a high-quality cuisine. Their exciting dinner menu has Beef Fillet with red wine butter, cream spinach, and onion rings. However, you can also be sure to find great vegan and gluten-free options.

Spring does do functions such as weddings, which isn't surprising because the venue is located in a culture-rich area. Spring is a restaurant for adults only, but it doesn't disappoint. The standards they maintain are quite high.

Black Axe Mangal
This Turkish-inspired restaurant in London opened its doors in 1994. Lee Tiernan is a well-known chef who launched BAM as a pop-up before opening the brick-and-mortar restaurant. This restaurant's tiny space fills up quickly and is enjoyed by many different types of people in London and even by tourists.

BAM’s vibrant and energetic establishment is far from traditional for a restaurant. That uniqueness extends to the food and the décor as well. Some tasty meals include the Lamb offal flatbread, Pig Belly, Fuji Apple and Heritage carrot chili slaw, Beef Tartare Royale, and Deep Fried Mince Pie with the Independent UK claiming that while visiting BAM "you are in good hands".

Padella was originally opened by Tim and Jordan Trullo as a bistro. The establishment has a signature shortlist of house-made pasta dishes that are offered paired with wine and Italian drinks.

Padella is the second eatery started by the Trullo Family. This gorgeous and bustling Italian restaurant in Borough Market has only ten pasta dishes, but each is delicious and cherished. The passion and love for Italian cuisine are tangible, right down to your taste buds.