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Five things to examine to choose the right Paris hotel

Accommodation is an important factor you should consider when visiting a new place. However, you must know that nothing beats staying at a hotel. The type of hotel you are staying at can determine if your travel experience will be a wonderful one or not.

Besides costs, there are other factors you should consider when choosing the right hotel in Paris. This is because these factors can determine if your stay in Paris will be a memorable one or not. Fortunately, below is a list of how to find a hotel in Paris that will suit your fancy. 

1. Beds
The Queen-sized beds given by most hotels in Paris are mostly small double beds. However, there are top hotels that make king-sized beds available. Interestingly, if you are going to be sharing the room with another person, there is an option for twin beds. When you visit the hotel's website to make a reservation, it is advised that you check the size of beds available. This is to help you decide if the Paris hotel will suit your needs before making a reservation.

2. Air conditioning
Heatwaves only occur rarely in Paris, however, the hotel you are staying at must have air conditioning. In Paris, most buildings make use of fans while air conditioning is only available at the top hotels. Although you may not need it, being in a hotel with proper air conditioning is important. That is why you are advised to confirm that the Paris hotel has air conditioning before going ahead to book a room. 

3. Breakfast
Breakfast in most Paris hotels consists of tea or coffee, pastries, and orange juice. However, free breakfast is not included in the package, so you will have to pay for it. If you feel breakfast at the hotel is expensive, you can visit a restaurant and have the same thing at a cheaper rate. When you decide to have breakfast at the hotel, taking it into your room is cheaper than eating at the table. 

Interestingly, there are a few hotels in Paris that offer free breakfast. You may even be allowed to make use of the kitchen for a fee. 

4. Room size
Most hotels in Paris, even the top ones, do not boast spacious rooms. Finding a spacious room in any Paris hotel is a rarity. The rooms are small and can only contain double beds and furniture. Is a spacious room a priority for you? If yes, you need to search hard for a Paris hotel that has one. Make sure that the rooms are confortable too.

5. WI-FI
This is the 21st century and staying in a hotel that doesn't offer Wi-Fi can be frustrating. Fortunately, even the cheapest hotels in Paris offer wireless internet connections. However, this service is not free on most occasions. 

While cheap hotels offer free Wi-Fi to attract more customers, the expensive ones will add the cost to your bill. If a stable Wi-Fi connection is important to you, ensure the hotel has one before making a reservation. 

Why stay at a hotel when visiting Paris?
Whether you are traveling to Paris for business or a holiday, a place to stay should be your major concern. Fortunately, different types of accommodations are available in Paris but below are the reasons why a hotel is better. 

1. You can check-in whenever you want
Regardless of the time, you can always walk into a hotel and check-in. All you have to do is approach the receptionist, even if you have made no reservations. Interestingly, finding a hotel is easy as it is mostly located close to the airport or the city center. You can also check out the hotel's website and copy the address into your GPS. This is a luxury you don't get with other accommodations. 

2. You already know what to expect
When searching for accommodation online, it is common to see pictures of beautiful buildings and facilities. However, you might get something way below your expectations at the end of the day. Sometimes, you may even book accommodation that doesn't exist.

Fortunately, with hotels, what you see is what you get. The facilities and amazing features you see when you visit the hotel's website are exactly what you will get. In other words, there is no room for surprises, since you already know what to expect.

3. Access to facilities
Staying at a hotel means getting value for your money. You can use all the amazing facilities available at the hotel. Interestingly, if there is a fault in your room, there is someone available to fix it for you. Where the fault cannot be fixed, you can always ask for a change of rooms. This is a convenience you can't enjoy when staying at other accommodations.

4. It is safer
Another reason why you should stay in a hotel when visiting Paris is that it is safer. This is because the hotel is responsible for ensuring your privacy and safety. Besides the security guards that are stationed at every entrance, emergency exits are also available. Other accommodations cannot provide this level of security and privacy for you. 

Accommodation is an important factor you should consider when visiting a new place. However, you must know that nothing beats staying at a hotel. The type of hotel you are staying at can determine if your travel experience will be a wonderful one or not. There are over 2000 hotels in Paris and with the help of this article, you can choose the right one. Finally, you can visit Urban Bivouac Hotel in Paris to get all the 5-star treatment you need.

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