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Four essentials when you’re looking for condo living

This type of living can be a huge boon to your quality of life and increase the livability of your surroundings, but you need to choose the right one.

There are many different types of property on the market, especially in Singapore where real estate is a prime market, whether for investors or homeowners. However, there’s no need to buy until you’re ready, which is where rentals come in. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a unit in a larger community, like an apartment or condo. This type of living can be a huge boon to your quality of life and increase the livability of your surroundings, but you need to choose the right one. Here are a few tips about how to find the best condo for your money when you’re seeking a rental.

1. Narrow Your Options
One of the biggest challenges when you first start looking for a condo that interests you is the sheer number of choices. Although condos are in demand in Singapore from both citizens and expats, there are plenty to go around. However, that doesn’t mean that every offering you’ll find on the market suits your needs, or is even desirable. You need to sort through the options, and then choose carefully. A good way to start is to search for condo for rent on Property Guru and use the Shortlist function, which allows you to shortlist properties in which you’re interested. Organization is crucial in the process of finding your ideal home, whether it’s a rental or a purchase, and using the tools available to you will be of great assistance. It’s easy to drown in listings, so start by narrowing it down and focusing on the ones that address your core expectations.

2. Check Out the Neighbors
There are lots of different ways that neighbors appear in your life, whether it’s because you move to a township, or you’re in a condo complex. Even if you’re a private person, though, ingratiating yourself into the community can improve your quality of life. One of the best aspects of living in a condo for many residents is the long-term friendships that can be made. There’s a distinct sense of community when comes to condo living that discrete houses lack, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a renter or an owner. When you’re living within a greater community, everyone’s contribution counts. Therefore, if you’re looking for a friendly community where one of the desired goals is to make new connections, condo living is definitely for you.

3. Renting Is Smart
Due to a recently cooling real estate market in Singapore due to new government regulations and restrictions in 2015, it’s becoming common sense that now may not be the right time to buy if you’re even considering it. Homeownership takes a lot of planning and resources, and you may not be ready for the potential permanency of this situation, or maybe it’s just not the right time financially. Although the real estate sector in Singapore can be very lucrative, it also fluctuates more than it used to. Nothing is a sure thing, but if you’re feeling like you don’t want to nail down a commitment on property, renting is definitely the best way to go. Condos are also in great demand amongst Singaporeans, and finding something that meets your needs is easier if you’re renting than buying. It also remains a plus that, in a worst case scenario, you end up moving out, rather than being stuck with a purchase you no longer want. Rentals are good to test the waters of condo living, rather than jumping in headfirst. It also gives you time to watch how the market behaves.

4. Location, Location, Location
Last, but not least, don’t forget the highways and trains. Whether you’re commuting to work by car or by public transportation, you need to keep in mind that you’re going to leave your condo community to go to work and for entertainment. Therefore, make sure you carefully examine what kinds of major roadways are nearby, and also if access to public transportation is available, depending on your situation.

You have the right tools and options currently to find a condo you’ll enjoy living in, whether you’re a single person or have a family to look after. However, what’s important is that you look for the necessities that will make your life easier every day. Participating in the community around you and making friends with neighbors, taking your time to explore rental versus purchase options, and setting up home base close to accessible transportation are all attributes to condo living that can’t be ignored. Condos are an ideal in between when it comes to apartments versus houses, and can be a perfect fit for the right person. If you’re craving a sense of community with the space and feel of a house, then condos are the way to go. Just remember all the basic essentials before signing on the dotted line, and always consult a financial advisor.

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