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Fuerte Hoteles: Devotedly Focused On Responsible Tourism

Fuerte Hoteles philosophy of management supports local people, businesses and cultures by raising awareness of local sustainable transport such as bike hire and trekking.

At Fuerte Hoteles responsible tourism is at the forefront of our attention. Management of our policies regarding sustainability ensures that we remain true to our reputation as a dedicated environmentally friendly operation. Throughout our past and present expansion undertakings, we are and always have been pioneers in implementing responsible tourism. This is something we endeavor to maintain and improve every day. We truly consider the environment as an extension of ourselves. Conserving and respecting our surroundings has enabled us to enjoy beautiful surroundings, which we integrate into our hotels’ experiences.

Beyond ensuring our own actions are responsible, we focus our efforts into actions that give each of our hotels an authenticity that improves our integration into local cultures and improves customers’ experiences. We strive to immerse the Fuerte experiences with local information, cultural activities, typical native dishes and architecture that respects the customs of wherever our hotels are located. Our philosophy of management supports local people, businesses and cultures by raising awareness of local sustainable transport such as bike hire and trekking. By promoting local cultural activities such as concerts, festivals and expositions we are constantly aiming to be a beneficial influence for the communities that our hotels occupy.

We are strong believers that it is a misconception that environmentally responsible businesses are loosing profit from their green endeavors. Individually, our procedures may seem small, but it is the combination of all of our efforts across multiple hotels that make the real differences apparent. Our impact on the environment has a direct influence on our business decisions. Finding a sustainable balance that works equally with the environment, the economy and local society and culture is our goal. The non-stop implementation of our new measures ensures that we are one of the most socially responsible of hotel groups of our kind.
We have multiple strategies in place to monitor our carbon footprint. Our records are consummate with our lowest level at Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz, where the average amount of CO2 released per person as a result of our functions is only 9.61 Kgr.CO2. We hope that our efforts to create an environment at all of our hotels that encouraged this way of living will inspire our guests. Tourists can easily never spare a thought to how hotels can impact the local economy, so the fact that in the last three years we have spent over £1,700,000 per year on locally produced food and beverages is a testament to our strong beliefs. Our support for local businesses and culture doesn’t mean higher prices for our customers.

We will continue to commit to ensuring our activities are carried out in a manor that preserves the natural environment and as we grow and expand as a business – our environmental management will remain at the front of our minds to ensure we preserve our world to the greatest of our capabilities.


Theodore Koumelis
Co-Founder & Managing Director - Travel Media Applications | Website

Theodore is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of TravelDailyNews Media Network; his responsibilities include business development and planning for TravelDailyNews long-term opportunities.