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Have you ever wanted to visit Egypt?

Discover the famous Nile River with its lush vegetation and abundance of animal species, including the native Nile crocodile.

What comes to mind when you think of Egypt?

Steeped in culture and history, it is not difficult to immerse yourself in the remnants of this ancient civilization, and it’s not a surprise that Egypt tours offer almost infinite possibilities. Marvel at the architectural wonders of the Ancient pyramids that lie near the banks of the river Nile. Did you know that the Egyptians believed that the West- the side in which the sun sets- represents the place where dead souls left to seek eternal peace. The Egyptians positioned these pyramids with great precision so that no one pyramid should cast a shadow on another. 

What to visit in Egypt 
Discover the famous Nile River with its lush vegetation and abundance of animal species, including the native Nile crocodile.While spending time on the banks of the Nile,why not visit Luxor? This ever popular city sits on the site of the ancient city of Thebes and is home to a vast array of ancient monuments.

Opposite this magnificent City lies the ‘Valley of Kings’ also known as the ‘Valley of the gates of the Kings’ It was here that tombs were built  to house the deceased pharaohs,and other Egyptian royalty,along with their most valued and valuable possessions.

Then you will also want to visit Giza and take in the breathtaking sight of the’ Great Sphinx of Giza’ otherwise known as the’ Sphinx of Giza ‘or just ‘the Sphinx.’ The Great Sphinx,probably the most famous sculpture in the world, is a limestone statue of a reclining sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of a human. In English translation the name means ‘the terrifying one’ or literally ‘father of the dread’.It faces from West to East, and it is here that you can admire the stunning surroundings of the Giza plateau.

From here, you will want to visit Cairo, the sprawling capital of Egypt which offers a vast array of activities to suit every visitor.Why not head first to Tahrir Square, in the heart of the city, and home to the Egyptian museum.It is here that you can study,at your leisure, the spectacular collection of Artifacts and Antiquities,containing over 120,000 items.This collection includes royal mummies and the world famous Antiquities of the king of Tutankhamun.

After a morning of culture why not soak up the atmosphere of the famous Khan el khalili Bazaar and take the chance to haggle for some souvenirs. After this, it's time to relax, so make your way to the leafy Zamalek District.Here you can sample an authentic Egyptian coffee while taking in the panoramic city views at sunset.And what better way to round off the day than by exploring the capitals capital's underrated nightlife? So what else can Egypt offer the Intrepid traveller?After absorbing so much culture you may be relieved to find that Egypt is also a vibrant, modern country which offers many opportunities to relax.

Why not spend a few days at Sharm El Sheikh or one of the other popular beach resorts? Here you can indulge in all the usual beach activities complete with coral reefs. This also gives the opportunity to enjoy the famous Egyptian hospitality to make you feel welcome.

In the evenings why not sample the exquisite Egyptian cuisine before perhaps heading to a modern casino or nightclub for your nightly entertainment? With a perfect climate for the holiday maker,reaching 30 degrees C in summer and remaining temperate all year round, Egypt remains a very popular destination for any traveller.

With affordable travel and cheap accommodation, why not make Egypt your next destination?

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