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How commercial drone photography is helping travel businesses

Take time to learn the ins-and-outs of your drone so that it can aid your travel business in gaining more profit.

Adding a drone to help a travel business may open new opportunities for creative possibilities. The device can help you capture images at new heights in a figurative and literal sense. Take time to learn the ins-and-outs of your drone so that it can aid your travel business in gaining more profit. That said, here are 12 ways commercial drone photography can help your travel company soar to new places:

1. Stand out from the crowd
Several travel companies like to incorporate pictures of places that their customers can choose to visit. These locations may include towns, cities, or remote areas. Various businesses in the industry may only use stock images of these locales. Conversely, other travel firms might use proprietary still images shot from the ground level. 

Instead, use a drone to separate yourself from other travel businesses. Commercial drone photography helps you capture a new perspective on the areas your customers want to visit. For example, you can achieve an aerial shot of Singapore and its Merlion statue as you fill the frame with the luxurious Marina Bay Sands hotel. 

Aside from still shots, you may also use your drone's features to capture short video clips of your subjects. For instance, consider catching a video of the busy streets of New York, the city that never sleeps. Capture and edit the clip to highlight the lights of the bustling metropolis. You might even choose to develop a timelapse album to show your potential customers how the city transitions from day to night. 

2. Gain a better view of the surroundings
Many companies like to show their customers a different perspective of their business models. Giving your potential buyers a view of the sights of specific locales shown at ground level might look dull. The individuals you interact with might find the photos interesting enough to warrant a sale, which is why your photos have to be well-composed.

Instead, opt for drone photography to give your clients different points of view of various sites. For example, consider giving a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in different perspectives. A bird's-eye view of the tower might interest sure buyers. Otherwise, show a video clip of the tourist spot showcasing it from the ground to its top. The video might pan from the monument's base as the drone's camera moves until it shows the top.  

Search for different angles of the several tourist spots in various locales. Giving your clients multiple perspectives might inspire awe and increase excitement. Enhancing these qualities may get your travel business closer to gaining another sale. 

3. Introduce new photos and videos
As mentioned earlier, you can introduce photos and videos using the right drone model. You don’t need to rely on standard still images if you’re about to invest in a particular drone. Many drone manufacturers make sure you can enjoy both still and moving images when using their products. 

You might even give potential customers a virtual tour of a city. Use your drone to hover the streets of Bali, Indonesia. Conversely, you can use the device to capture clips of the different sights and sounds to experience in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Many travelers are looking for video clips not found on social media. Your clients might want a distinct experience when going to a specific travel location. Showing them still images downloaded from Google might not give the best exciting vibes your clients desire. 

However, always remember the drone flying rules placed by the local authorities in certain areas. For instance, there are specific locations in certain tourist spots wherein the law permits the presence of drones. Furthermore, you need to have the right permit to fly the device. If you can’t show the necessary documents, then you might have your drone confiscated. Conversely, you might get a warning if it’s your first offense. 

4. More places to showcase
Various drones have rotors similar to helicopters. While helicopters allow people to shoot photos and videos, there might be hindrances involved. Perhaps one glaring drawback of riding helicopters to cover media is its size. These aerial vehicles are considerably large; thus, you can't ride them everywhere you want to go.

Conversely, using a drone to capture still and moving images allows you to shoot in places where helicopters have difficulty accessing. For instance, you can’t achieve low-level flying when riding a helicopter. On the other hand, using a drone may even allow you to shoot photos and videos at ground level. 

Furthermore, booking a helicopter ride might not be an ideal choice for many travel businesses. Startup travel and tour companies might have difficulties in shelling out cash from their capitals for one helicopter trip. 

Buying one commercial drone for travel business photography and videography may be a more cost-efficient choice. The device might be an expensive investment, but it may give you great value in return. 

5. Compact and easy to transport
Several drones have relatively compact designs. Specific drone manufacturers may even give you a special briefcase to hold the gadget and its parts during travel. It might also be an advantage over mast photography.  

Mast or pole photography makes use of a telescopic device with a camera attached to one end of the unit. In doing so, photographers and videographers can make use of wide-angle shots mimicking a bird’s-eye view. 

Transporting aerial drones might be a more straightforward challenge than carrying equipment for mast photography. As mentioned earlier, particular drones might come with distinct carry-on containers. You might even fit the drone and all of its accessories in that one bag or pack. 

6. Low setup time
Many drones allow you to use the device in a few minutes after removing it from its bag. Thus, you can have it up and running without sacrificing much time to get the perfect shot. 

For example, your travel business might want to show the beaches of Miami with a beautiful sunset in the background. Setting up numerous pieces of camera equipment may be time-consuming, and you might lose the golden hour. Many photographers know that time is of the essence. Any minute lost setting up camera gear might delay the shoot to another date. 

Conversely, various drone models allow you to remove the device from its bag, start it, and shoot images. The entire process may take a moment of your time. So, you might have a better chance at not missing out on a beautiful shot, and perhaps a better chance at landing a sale from potential clients.

7. Personnel safety
Several business owners only desire safety for their employees. Climbing a tall tree for a wide shot of a tourist spot might not be an excellent idea since it might put your personnel at risk. If you're handling the photography of your travel business, then climbing surfaces with equipment in tow may not be an excellent idea for your safety.

Instead, you can fly a drone from the ground. The device will cater to your high-altitude shots while you can plant your feet firmly on the ground. Also, your personnel might thank you for thinking about their well-being as you invest in a quality drone. 

8. Color vibrancy
Various travelers like to go to different cities and towns across the world to visit the beautiful sights and sounds of another locale. Your customers might yearn to get a sneak preview of the places they’re about to visit. 

Consider prioritizing in investing in a good drone that can capture vibrant images of the land and sky of various places. Think about showcasing the lush greeneries of New Zealand or the tall yet gray structures of Los Angeles. 

Aside from the vibrant colors you'll showcase, you may not worry about blurry footage when capturing images with a good drone camera. Remember, it might not be a good idea to show your potential customers blurry pictures as it may hurt your travel business' credibility.  

Several drone models have wind protection features, so the camera stays stable even when hit by gusts. Specific units might also have filters that protect the built-in microphone from capturing wind noises. So, if you're going for a panning shot of a landscape, you may not worry about several unwanted background noises as you shoot the perfect shot.

9. Easy file transfers
Take your time to select the right drone for your travel company. Still, consider choosing a unit with accessible file transfer features.

Many drones allow you to transfer photo and video footage using a cable or cord. However, specific models might offer wireless file transfers through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Transferring your preferred files from the drone to a computer may only take a few moments, thanks to wireless technologies. Also, you may no longer have to use extra cords for the job. 

Quick file transfers also allow your business' social media followers to get a quick preview of areas they plan on visiting without leaving their homes. Also, it’s a great way to showcase your hometown to visitors who plan on visiting your locale. If your followers like what they see on social media, then they might message you directly for available travel packages. 

10. Rewires your creative brain
Marketing is a critical component for most businesses. Searching for unique ideas to beat the competition in the travel and tourism industries can be a challenging endeavor. While other travel businesses are opting to take photos and videos of places at ground level, using a drone helps rewire your creative mind. 

Drone photography helps you see more of the landscape in a three-dimensional manner. Also, the monitor you use while you're on the ground to survey the area with the drone may be your extra eyes. Using the drone helps you attractively compose images to aid you in gaining more sales.

Conversely, if you're using a handheld camera, you might be shooting photos and videos as many people would typically do. Also, many people now have smartphone cameras that can take high-quality images. Hence, your travel business might not stand out much from the thousands of other people using their cell phones to take pictures of landscapes and tourist spots.

On the other hand, several individuals may find photos and videos captured by drones to be astonishing. Aim for capturing that sparkle in the eyes of your potential clients when they see your pictures and videos. Achieve that goal by giving your buyers a view that they won’t see normally if they were to look at tourist spots while standing on the ground.

11. Drone insurance
Many high-end drones can become expensive investments. So, you might want to consider drone insurance to cover the device in case of damages or losses. 

Various insurance companies may similarly cover drones as these firms protect personal properties. Ask your insurance agent or company about the financial assistance they can provide for your drone. 

You may also need to insure your drone for liability, especially since you’re using the device for your travel business. If you’re using the device for personal use, then you may not have an obligation to cover the unit. However, since you’re using it to help your travel business, you may need to protect the investment with damage insurance. After all, you still need to watch out for dangers like birds attacking the device. 

12. Drone flying is entertaining
Last, flying a drone can be a great form of entertainment. It might even feel like you're a child again as you operate the device across different landscapes. Let your employees handle the drone flying, and you might see their faces light up with smiles. Keep your personnel happy, and they might aim to go for the extra mile in helping the business become successful. 

Final thoughts
Mastering drone photography and videography for your travel business can be tricky. It might also have a steep learning curve. Specific models may have several bells and whistles for its features that may prove useful in advertising your business. Nonetheless, consider researching drone photography tips online to help you master the craft. Practice makes perfect. Remember, bring your drone with you in travels to capture the many beautiful locations around the world for your customers.

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