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How to enjoy a great hotel stay

Staying in a nice hotel and want to make the most of your time – then read on and learn how to enjoy your trip to the max. 

Double-check the hotel information
Unfortunately, many hotel owners use misleading details when they write their hotel and amenities description. Sometimes, you think you book a hotel with private beach, only to find out at your destination that the hotel indeed has a private beach, but it is only accessible via a free shuttle bus. Also, many hotels claim to be within walking distance from downtown, but you find out that you need to walk for over 30 minutes to cover that distance. Anything can be within walking distance, provided that you're willing to walk for hours. For more accuracy, you should always check the distance from the hotel to the different objectives in the area.

The easy way to find these distances is to use Google Maps. While here, you can take advantage of client reviews, as they may unveil interesting information that could make you change your mind in regard to the best hotel choice for your vacation.

Another useful tip is to call the hotel directly to ask whether the amenities are available during your stay. I've experienced situations when I've been looking forward to enjoying the hotel pool, only to find out on arrival that they closed it for renovation right in the middle of the summer.

Let your host know about your special celebration in advance
If you travel to celebrate anniversary or other important event in your life, consider calling the hotel to let them know of this in advance. This would allow them the time required to properly prepare for your special celebration, in order for you to benefit from their special treatment for such occasions.

Search for discount codes to get the best rates possible
You should know that the rack rates so many hotels offer are nothing but the maximum prices they charge for a room.

Do yourself a favor and search the web for discount codes before booking your stay. More often than not, you'll be able to grab a great price, much lower than the rack rate. Get great last minute deals here:

Always check with the hotel for vacancies
Many hotels displaying the No Vacancy sign may still have one or two room available, as there are clients who cancel on a very short notice. 

Sometimes they mark rooms as unavailable, only because they need to undergo some scheduled maintenance works. Once they finish these works, they can put them back into the tourist circuit This is why it's always worth asking whether they can find a room for you. In addition, you may be willing to accept a room with minor issues and pay a lower rate for your stay. 

Be polite
If you've ever worked in customer service, you probably know that rude customers get worse service than polite ones. It's very easy to understand why this happens. Always remember that front desk agents can have a major influence on whether or not you'll have an enjoyable stay. On the other hand, being nice to these clerks may lead to preferential treatment and extra perks you may not have to pay for. 

Be kind
Being kind to the front desk person can pay off big time. They may be able to help you with lots of tiny issues such as ordering a taxi or getting help with ironing some shirts. Even better, tip them $20 or so, in order to enjoy even greater service.

Tipping works, so try to do it
People in the hotel industry have lower salaries, by comparison with other areas of activity. By simply tipping the cleaning person, you can ensure your room is always going to look impeccable. 

Ask to see more than one room
If you don't like the first room that much, you can kindly ask to see another one, if possible. Some hotel managers tend to offer their guests the worst rooms first, in order to ensure they fill them. You may discover that other rooms have better view, for example.

Join the hotel's loyalty club, if any
If a hotel has a loyalty club, you may want to join it, in order to benefit from some perks. Such applications are usually a matter of minutes, so why not join? Moreover, some of these clubs are free to join. Since you're staying there anyway, why not earn some reward points in the process?

Avoid paying cancellation fees
If you need to cancel your stay, call the hotel and politely ask to change your travel dates. Then, call back in a few hours of so and ask to cancel your new booking. By using this trick, you may be able to avoid paying a cancellation fee.

Whenever possible, try to book only hotels that allow you to cancel your reservation for free, particularly if you do this booking many weeks or months in advance to the travel date. Sometimes, flights get canceled and international events occur, so you may be in the impossibility to travel as scheduled.

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