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How to install GPS on your rented car in Dubai

Tourists who visit Dubai for the first time face the problem of directions, and locations; this makes them waste a lot of time and fuel searching for the right routes within the United Arab Emirates. 

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world with some of the best road networks, great architectural and infrastructural designs. Also, Dubai has great attraction sites for tourism. Millions of tourists come into Dubai to enjoy the luxurious city and the beautiful environment. Some tourists also come to Dubai for business seminars. It is therefore advisable for tourists to choose car rentals services over the use of public transport as car rentals Dubai provides greater comfort and allows the tourist to visit anywhere with ease.

However, tourists who visit Dubai for the first time face the problem of directions, and locations; this makes them waste a lot of time and fuel searching for the right routes within the United Arab Emirates. This problem has led Cheap Rent a Car Dubai to install GPS in their vehicles to aid the renters in directions and locations. Some car rental companies rent out the GPS device separately to car renters who may not know their routes around Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Overtime, car rental companies in Dubai have also faced the problem of delay in car returns and car theft and this has led to loss of money and cars; making most car rental Dubai to apply the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system in their rental cars.

Global positioning system popularly abbreviated as GPS, is a tracking device used to track, and monitor the location of cars. It allows car rental companies to locate any car at any time of the day and also aids good communication between staff of the car rentals companies and their clients. It is used for fleet monitoring, routing, and theft prevention. It can also show the history of the car usage. A vehicle tracking system collects fleet data for a clear picture of vehicle locations. Car rental Dubai can gather information about their rented vehicles by viewing it through specialized software or the internet. Also, GPS can be used to calculate distance travelled of the rental car. It is also used as a positioning tool in airplanes and ships.

Whatever your purpose for using the GPS in your vehicle, you must know that a GPS is easy to install and it picks signals from GPS satellites to deliver precise real time location. Also, GPS provides detailed information concerning speed, movement, location, directions accessed at any time. Car rental companies can also use the geofence feature to enable them to set up digital zones on the map and receive notifications whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a zone.

The following methods can be used to install GPS in your rented vehicles:

1. Read the instruction manuscript: When you Rent a Car Dubai and you get a GPS device from Car Rental Dubai, it is important that you remove it from its packet and get the instruction manuscript. On the manuscript, you will find well detailed guidelines by the manufacturer that would aid you in the installation processes. The instructions on the manuscript are usually written in both Arabic, French and English languages to the understanding of the renter. RentalcarUAE provides renters with GPS devices in their packets with the manufacturer’s instruction manuscript available for guidance.

2. Fix the piecies: Car Rental Dubai offers GPS tracking devices in its packets to aid it sit comfortably in its packet and to enhance portability. It comes in extracted pieces, The GPS device itself is small, and it adapts a square like shape with a screen on the front side, it is accompanied by a power cord, an adapter which will be plug into your cars’ cigarette lighter and a holder which would help you mount the device to your dashboard.

3. Positioning: Position the GPS device in the holder and make sure it fits properly, and then place it inside your vehicle dashboard. RentalCarUAE recommends that you don’t place it in a way that it would distract your road view.

4. Connections: Connect the end of the power cord into the GPS tracking device properly. In cases where your vehicle makes use of a cigarette lighter, disconnect it before plugging the power cord into the power outlet.

5. Arrange cords: Arrange your cords in a way that it will not disturb you while driving your rental car.

6. Seek the assistance of the technical team: Car Rental Dubai, have a standby technical team made up of professionals in the engineering field, and experts in 21st century technology and internet usage that will help you when you Rent a Car Dubai. Hence, you’re advised to seek the assistance of the technical team where you have challenges on how to install your GPS tracking device.

In conclusion, car rental Dubai advises their clients to make use of GPS (Global positioning system) tracking devices as this would help reduce incurred cost of petrol and enhance speed. GPS is the sure bet for tourist and car rental companies.