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How to keep blog writing even when you have writer’s block

Follow these tips so you can keep on writer even when writer’s block strikes at the most inconvenient of times.

As a blogger, it’s your job to keep your audience engaged and publish as many posts as you can to increase reader loyalty and enhance sales through advertisements, services, or products linked to your website. Of course, there could be times that you hit a bout of writer’s block. Never fear! Follow these tips so you can keep on writer even when writer’s block strikes at the most inconvenient of times.

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What is writer’s block
Writer’s block is when you are having trouble thinking of what to write about next for your post. Especially if you write regularly throughout the week, it can become cumbersome to think of topics for your niche if you have been constantly typing away at your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. There are many ways to get rid of writer’s block, which we will explore some of them below.

Look up trends in your niche
Think about what the audience in your blog’s niche wants to learn about from you. Is there a recent trend happening that is important to your niche’s industry? That could be a potential next topic!

Are there general content ideas that you haven’t touched on for your blog yet? For example, if you have a food blog, maybe you want to touch more on baking recipes instead of just cooking ones for readers interested in making pastries also rather than just daily meals or snacks.

For best results, you can search your blog’s niche on Google. Look up statistics and local news stories about the niche. See what competitor bloggers are discussing on their blogs of the same niche as yours. Of course, do not steal their content as this would be morally wrong, but draw on their posts as inspiration for your own when you are feeling like you have writer’s block.

Generate topic ideas using AI
You can draw inspiration from AI software if you are feeling stuck on generating topics or content for a blog post. While you should not copy word-for-word from what the AI software generates for you as organic writing ranks higher on Google, utilizing it can get you out of a bind if you are having trouble thinking of a topic to write about in your niche or the supporting paragraphs once you’ve generated said topic.

Ask the AI program to generate possible titles for blog posts related to your niche. You can also ask it to generate sample content once you have selected a topic. However, as a reminder, be sure to expand your research on the suggested content for the blog post to make the words and presentation all your own.

Meditation and practicing self-care
Sometimes as writers we experience writer’s block when we haven’t had enough time to inwardly think without interruption or have not been taking care of ourselves. Close your eyes and meditate for at least 5 minutes to clear your mind. You never know if an idea for your next blog post could come then.

Self-care is also an important proponent for brainstorming fresh, new ideas. Be sure you are consuming a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and have access to various positive ways of reducing stress in your life to stay on track.

Do a free-writing exercise
A free-writing exercise is like doing a brain dump. What is on your mind about your blog’s niche? Are there ideas that you have not explored yet but think your audience may be interested in learning about it? Take a few minutes with a pen and paper or an open Google Doc to generate some ideas!