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How to travel the world using Bitcoin

What follows is a brief guide to some of the major companies that you can use to purchase travel-related items as you plan your trip.

If you have a bunch of Bitcoin in your cryptocurrency account, and you love to travel, then you might combine both of them into a trip around the world. You might be wondering if that is even possible. While not every travel venue will accept Bitcoin, enough now do that it is possible to plan almost your entire trip using Bitcoin that you have in your account. That is, of course, assuming that you have enough in there. What follows is a brief guide to some of the major companies that you can use to purchase travel-related items as you plan your trip. 

CheapAir – An online travel agency
You will probably want to buy some airplane tickets for your trip around the world. While not just anyplace will sell you a ticket using your cryptocurrency, CheapAir will. This is a travel agency that you will find online that specializes in selling airline tickets. They host many of the world's most popular airlines, so you will probably find just the flight you are looking for. Since they take Bitcoin, you can get your ticket right there and be on your way. 

BTCTrip – Another online travel agency
This is another option for booking your travel online using Bitcoin. This agency works almost exclusively with holders of cryptocurrency, so they will be ready to handle your unique requests. The caveat here is that they do not work with every airline, so using them might not be possible for every trip. Also, BTCTrip partners with This means that you may be able to book many of your hotels along the way using your Bitcoin. That is an added advantage. 

Go to space with Virgin Galactic
If you really want to take a trip somewhere as far away as possible, space would fit that objective. With Virgin Galactic, you will be able to take a trip to space if you are willing to pay for it. If your cryptocurrency account has done especially well this year, you can pay for it using your Bitcoin or convert BTC to INR, Euro or USD to pay using fiat. That will certainly be the trip of a lifetime should you choose to take it. 

Use eGifter and Gyft
This is a creative way to use Bitcoin as you travel. Both of these companies work with multiple travel providers around the world. They also accept Bitcoin. So, you can buy a gift card using your cryptocurrency account and then use that to make your travel arrangements. Just make sure you know what providers are available before you buy the card.

Consider CoinFuel for road trips
If you are going to do a lot of driving, this is a great way to pay for the gas. CoinFuel is a type of gift card that you can use at select gas station brands. Buy the card using Bitcoin and then start filling up along the way. 

These companies will help facilitate payment for your travel using your cryptocurrency account. This is a great way to see the world and benefit from the money you have made as a trader at the same time. Enjoy planning the trip, get it paid for, and then pack your bags.