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How to use electronic visas for safe and fast travels

With your computer and internet connection, there are no more hustles during a trip abroad! 

Have you ever heard of an electronic visa? It's an innovative service that has transformed international travel. Unlike the traditional visa that you apply for at the Embassy, the e-Visa application is completed entirely online.

Therefore, travelers can apply for this document wherever they are as long as they have all the essential documents. So, with your computer and internet connection, there are no more hustles during a trip abroad! It's smooth, safe, and fast! is one of the leading electronic visa service provider on the market. Entrusting your visa issues into the hands of experts, you can be sure that your trip will be trouble-free and effortless! Read on for all the essential information on e-Visa systems to help you get through your international travels in the easiest way possible!

Why should you use e-Visas:

  • Security

Safety is always a concern when it comes to personal data. And that's what e-Visa systems focus more on. Services providing easy access to electronic visas have invested in data protection to ensure this new form of acquiring travel documents doesn't jeopardize anyone's safety. With the complex approval processes before you find out if you qualify for e-Visa, nothing is left unchecked. That's why you can rely on and trust electronic visa services. e-Visa professionals take care of the whole process while making it as secure as possible.

  • Saving Time

Anyone who has gone through the ordeal of applying for a visa via the Embassy can tell about their pain. It's frustrating and sometimes can discourage you from traveling. But due to the love for travel, one has to persevere and complete all the processes. From booking appointments to queuing for hours, it doesn't get easy.

What's worse is forgetting a single document that forces you to start the process all over again. That's from booking an appointment to get in line and wait for your chance. Even after completion, it takes weeks or months for approval, which is not a guarantee.

Thankfully, technology has saved us from all that devastation. With services like electronic visas, you can obtain the key travel documents quickly for fast travel. With a processing time of as little as 24 or 72 hours, you can plan and execute your travels within one week. 

When you have all the documents ready, the process is straightforward and can be completed extremely fast. Also, the application process is not tedious and takes just a few minutes. Just look through the e-Visa requirements of the place you’re visiting, and provide what's needed.

  • Convenience 

Let's say you are a busy person with hardly enough time to spare, this is when e-Visa comes in handy. This is because it doesn't force you to step out of your home and visit an Embassy like the typical visa does. What you need is to set aside several minutes and make an online application.

With a working internet and computer/phone, it's faster and easier. There are no frustrations or intricate processes to put up with. Since the application process is conducted entirely online, you can complete it wherever you are, whether it's an office, home, or any other place. Once the quick and intuitive application process is completed, you will receive your e-Visa via email in a PDF file.

  • Short Processing Times

The processing time of an electronic visa may vary and depends on the particular country. Some countries can take as little as one day and others over a week. Luckily, you will hardly find any that takes more than 10 days. Therefore, you can rest assured your travel will be easier and fast to organize. Most e-Visa applications get approved within 72 hours from applying online.

  • Health Safety

With COVID-19, the health importance of using e-Visas instead of traditional one can be easily noted. By conducting the whole process online, it has reduced unnecessary contact with other people. With the traditional visa application process, you would be interacting with many people at the Embassy. Not only in the office itself but also when queuing. And with exchanging the documents, this would be another form of enhancing the possibility of spreading the disease.

All of that can be easily avoided when using electronic visas. You are providing all your documents plus the application form online. The only place where you will have contact with other people is the airport. The customs officials will be counterchecking your electronic visa with your legal documents to see if they match.

  • Saving Money

Imagine how much you will spend on a typical Embassy visa. The amount you would spend preparing the supporting documents, printing them, and distributing to various Embassy offices. But even that is not a concern. Where you will hurt your pocket is on fuel, assuming you have a vehicle. Driving to and from the Embassy, especially if it's far, is both time and money-consuming. Moreover hopping from one office to another is an extra fee on top of your frustrations. But with an electronic visa, the only time you will spend is when filing your documents. It's a one-time fee that's cheaper than what the Embassy needs. Also, you are not leaving your house, therefore, no spending on fuel.

Final thoughts
We have the technology to be thankful to for the easy life nowadays. Through it, traveling to distant places is much more accessible. We can now obtain the necessary travel documents from home or anywhere else! It's safe as it reduces contact with other people, especially now
that we have a pandemic to worry about.

Once you receive your travel document, there is no way another person can use them. They will need legal documents to compare with your electronic visa at the customs, including your presence. So, it's safe, fast, convenient, and saves both time and money of all international travelers!

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