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How travel bloggers use Instagram live to grow and engage their followers

In this article, we will focus on top tips about mastering Instagram live for a better engagement rate.

Instagram live streaming turned out to be a useful feature for bloggers on this platform, despite quite a controversial launch of it. Today, it is an important part of the content plan for bloggers from various industries. Nowadays, you can even buy Instagram live viewers on, or so. However, organic growth is a priority for everyone, and purchased stats should be only an instrument for effective progress. 

Live streams on Instagram can come in handy for travel influencers and people who want to become ones. This function provides incredible bonds with your followers. In this article, we will focus on top tips about mastering Instagram Live for a better engagement rate. 

Get ready before streaming
Even if you are doing content on the go, and the decision to go live is spontaneous, you should check certain factors to ensure that your followers will receive a positive experience. First of all, your internet connection must be stable and speedy, so technical issues won’t hurt your stream. Then, check how does the image look:

  • Secure a good lighting angle that shows the image
  • Check if you are visible and loud enough. They could be done by recording a short video on your device for review
  • Think about a few anchors to keep the conversation going, because lives are all about communication with your viewers. 
  • Plan what you are going to show, to hold your device properly – again for the user's best experience. 

Announce your stream
Unfortunately, when going live without any notice beforehand, you risk missing the attention of many people. Even if the idea has come to you right in the morning of your trip, take some time to create a story about it, and reveal that you plan to stream a part of your journey, or while visiting the destination itself. Warning your followers isn’t only productive for your views, but it is also a signification of your loyalty and care for your subscribers. People appreciate that a lot, so all the time you had creating unplanned content is worth spending. 

Search for uniqueness
In terms of growth on Instagram, originality is one of the vital aspects that affect your progress on this social network. Live sessions are a pleasant surprise for you – this is an endless source of totally unique content! Travel fans hunt for interesting personalities, wishing to follow their steps. So you can show them how you actually do things while tripping, providing completely original materials, genuine reactions, and honest stories. Such content is very interesting and motivating, so your fans will definitely watch your streams trying to save your traces for their own travels later. 

Live streaming is about communication, so viewers expect you to talk a lot, share your thoughts, emotions, and opinions, as well as answer their questions, commenting on their thoughts. Hence, we go back to planning. Think about what you are going to tell your viewers. The information has to be both valuable and entertaining – so come up with engaging topics that you can offer while you are going live. Be ready that people often turn around the original idea of your stream, so you should be ready to steer the conversation back to the primary topic. 

Be attentive to what your viewers tell you – sometimes there can be brilliant questions and opinions, that could fuel your communication further, catching up the interest of the public. 

Don’t forget to pin the title
This option is available in the comment section – so pin your title, to keep the direction of your stream and focus your viewers on the topic. To pin a title, follow this simple guide:

  • Start your stream
  • Go to the feature “pin comment”
  • Type your title in
  • Tap to upload it to your live feed.

A pinned comment will remain on the top of the comment line, while all next comments from your viewers will interchange as they go. This feature also helps people who joined your stream later to catch up with what your Live is about – again, great for your reputation. 

Ask your audience 
Another great way to increase your engagement on Instagram is to question your followers, about what they would like to see. To get additional activity on your account, use the question sticker in your stories, to collect as much information as possible before you start your stream. Minding your audience preferences, you will increase the interest in the upcoming stream. Discuss the potential topics with your subscribers, providing them content they truly want as a result. 
Increased attention to your stream is a guaranteed growth of engagement rate on your profile. 

Save the streams 
On Instagram, you can save your live session for 24 hours, to get more views and engage with the audience who missed the stream. This is an additional opportunity to launch a discussion of your content, thus you have more activity to count in for your engagement rate. Saving streams to your camera roll (using the Live Archive option) can be a good addition to your content plan, as you will have some feedback about it, and you could reupload it to your IGTV for even more engagement. 

Share your live in stories
Right after your stream is finished, save it and make a post in your stories – so you will immediately increase the number of views for it, and continue the conversation about it. Again – lives are exposed for 24 hours, so reposting the video to your stories is vital to ensure that as many people as possible have seen it, and engaged with it.
Besides, in stories you can collect feedback about your stream, so the next live session will have more success. Don’t be afraid to receive criticism, because it will only assist you to improve the next Live you will launch on Instagram. 

Make it regular
Consistency is a crucial factor for growth on Instagram in general, and streaming is no exception. To increase the number of people who wait for your sessions and watch them closely – schedule those regularly. For example, once a week, or once in two weeks – whatever is comfortable for you. 
Even if you are not hitting the road at the moment, you can use Instagram Live as a tool for discussing your recent trips, giving useful notes for other travelers and fans, or even interviewing other influencers (this can be done online, using the Add friend function). Anyway, set the proper consistency for you and keep up to the plan – you will see how the number of viewers grows exponentially with each new stream coming. 

Analyze your metrics closely
Collecting feedback from your viewers is great, but you must operate with the facts too. Use analytical tools to measure how impressive your latest stream was and point out what you must improve on your next launch. 

Pay attention to all the stats, find out how balanced your performance is – and keep that balance up all the time. You must focus on creating a product that produces many views and generates many comments, so your progress on Instagram is smooth and fast. 

Travel bloggers can use Instagram live streams for many purposes, but the main reasons to do this type of content are:

  • Effective communication in the real-time
  • Opportunity to produce completely original content
  • Exclusiveness that is due to the fact that streams are saved only for 24 hours( unless you save it and then reload to IGTV)
  • Possibility to demonstrate your honesty and sincerity, exposing your true self to the viewers. 

And many more. Instagram offers a wide choice of content formats, and you shouldn’t neglect this diversity – using all the formats regularly gives you the chance to impress a bigger audience than your competitors who concentrate on a lesser choice of content forms. 

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