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Is it safe to use nicotine salts in any vape?

Smokers, who usually see a low level of nicotine in cigarettes, find it surprising that nicotine salts contain high nicotine levels. 

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you might have come across the term nicotine salt. It gained fame only after a few days of its debut in the vaping industry. It delivers the same experience as smoking a cigarette. Then the point is, why not smoke?

Vaping enthusiasts and people who look at vaping as a way to get rid of their smoking habits pose tons of doubt about Nicotine salts, such as, what are nicotine salts? Are they safe? What are its pros and cons? etc.

The article deals with all these questions, starting from whether they are safe to their advantages and disadvantages.

Are Nicotine Salts safe?
If you are looking for a direct answer, nicotine salts are neither safer nor less safe. A nicotine salt E-liquid only differs from standard E-liquid because they add benzoic acid to it. This acid might create irritation in the throat and lungs in some cases. Apart from this, there is no such side effect.

If you are not aware of nicotine salts? Here is the answer. To understand the concept of nicotine salt, you should know about freebase nicotine. The word means nicotine in its purest form. It is extracted from tobacco leaves. One can tolerate only a low strength of freebase nicotine if it is not altered chemically. That is because the human lungs and brain absorb this pure nicotine quickly.

Smokers, who usually see a low level of nicotine in cigarettes, find it surprising that nicotine salts contain high nicotine levels. They fail to understand how vapers handle such huge strengths. The answer is benzoic acid. Nicotine salts are a combination of freebase nicotine and benzoic
acid. It can also contain other organic substances. The high level of nicotine gives the feeling of smoking, while benzoic acid with other organic materials ( if any ) makes the experience smoother.

Since nicotine salt is found in traditional as well as E-liquids, people often compare smoking and vaping. The safety of nicotine salt is often compared with smoking. Here are some statements related to nicotine salts (vaping in particular ) and smoking by famous institutions to solve these doubts.

  • According to Public Health Department England, vaping is 95% safer than smoking.
  • This statement clarifies people's doubt about why not to smoke if nicotine salts give a similar experience. Here are some other reasons too.
  • The amount of toxic chemicals you inhale in vaping is comparatively less than the amount you inhale while smoking.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, neither vaping nor smoking is ideal. However, E-cigarettes are considered safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • Also, smoking leaves smell all over the place. Your clothes, car, and seats are full of smell, intolerable to some people. It also brings judgment from lots of people which you might not like to deal with.
  • An important reason to look for nicotine salt liquid instead of traditional cigarettes is their cost. Usually, nic salt E-liquids are available between the strength 18-50mg/ml. It is almost equal to the intensity delivered by cigarettes. However, e-liquids will cost you nearly half that of traditional cigarettes.
  • According to the safety instructions of WHO, a person should not vape more than 5 Mg per kilogram of total body weight in one day.

If you observe the statement and calculate the estimated amount to vape in one day for a general person, you will find a surprising fact. A person with almost 150 pounds (or 68 Kg approx) can vape up to 345 Mg, which is insane to consume in one day.

So, you might say that vaping is comparatively safer. In addition, it provides various other benefits.

Advantages of Nicotine Salt
Now, you know what nicotine salts are? So, here are some of the advantages it delivers.

  • It Gives More Satisfaction

Most smokers switch to vaping in the hope of quit smoking. However, they might not get that satisfaction in electronic cigarettes. It might disappoint them. However, the nicotine salts are often more satisfying and hit the right spot than standard e-liquids or sometimes even freebase nicotine.

  • It Does Not Hide the Flavours

The standard e-liquids or regular e-liquids that contain freebase nicotine might not give you a good flavor. It is because nicotine often dominates other flavors while nicotine salt does not. Instead, it makes flavors more prominent.

  • It Provides Smoother Hits

A common fear most people face while vaping is a hard hit on the throat. It often happens if someone vapes a regular e-cigarette that contains freebase nicotine. You might believe that only low-quality juices give such harshness but, it is not correct. A juice that contains high-quality PG can also feel harsh on inhaling. However, nicotine salts are a good option. Even a beginner can vape juice, with high nicotine concentration, without getting a hard throat hit.

  • It is a Good Start for Beginners

The vaping world contains a lot of substances, devices, pens, etc. Beginners might get confused about which one to choose. Also, they face difficulty in vaping because of a strong throat hit. However, nicotine salts often come in pod systems that are easy to use and carry. Also, they provide a smooth throat hit while giving the feeling of smoking.

  • They are Long Lasting

Nicotine salts are comparatively stable than freebase salts. So, you can keep e-liquids with nic salt for a long time. You should note that if you find the color of salt different from what you usually see, do not worry. The chemical composition might affect the color sometimes, but you can still use it.

  • It is an Ideal Option for MTL Vapers

MTL or mouth to lung vaping is a system where the vaper vapes the liquid, keeps the vapes in the mouth for a while then inhales to the lungs. MLT vapers prefer nicotine salts because instead of large clouds, you get concentrated doses and the hit you wanted.

So, these are some of the benefits nicotine salts provide.

If you say vaping nicotine salt is safest, then it is not accurate. But if you compare it with smoking it, then it is ideal for you. Also, there are some minor disadvantages. But if you are looking for an option to quit smoking, nicotine salts are your go-to option.

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