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Making the most of your beach holiday in Jeju island

Here’s how to have the best vacation ever in Jeju Island.

Planning a beach holiday is one of the best things to do at the start of the year since you’ll avoid the mad rush have lots of time to look up places to visit for the summer season. According to a recent survey, 50 percent of people are already thinking about where to go in summer 2023, and more people are booking trips ahead of time. While you can expect that popular beach destinations such as those found in Mediterranean countries and the Caribbean will have the most tourists this year, there’s a place in Korea that’s worth discovering for its amazing beaches, volcanic landscape, unique museums, and delicious food.

Jeju-do, also known as Jeju Island, is the main island of the Jeju Province of South Korea. It’s where young and hip South Koreans go for a quick getaway, and it’s also a favorite destination for honeymooners in the country. It takes about three to four days to fully explore all the places of interest in the island, so you’ll need to plan your international trip well to make the most out of your holiday. Here’s how to have the best vacation ever in Jeju Island.

Spend a day at the beach
The beaches in Jeju Island have white sand shores and clear turquoise waters, and deciding which one to visit could be a challenge. Apart from choosing where to go, knowing what to wear to the beach is also a must since Jeju has a more conservative beach culture than other places. South Korean women typically go to the beach wearing rash guards and shorts to protect their skin from the sun, and while wearing a bikini isn’t frowned upon, it’s an uncommon sight to see people showing too much skin. That being said, you can still wear a bikini, but choose ones that have a sporty cut, or bikini tops with structure and support, especially if you have a large bust. Pair it with swim shorts, then pack a bag with sunscreen and snacks and head to the beach.

One of the beaches that you should definitely check out is Gwakji Beach. It features a flat and wide expanse of white sand that slopes towards the sea, making it perfect for sunbathing and playing in the water. There are also traditional spring water baths at the southern part of the beach where you can relax. This beach has a few places where you can set up a tent, and you can get food at any of the nearby restaurants and bars. Another beautiful beach to visit is Hado Beach, which is a popular spot for water activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. It’s also a great place to see the haenyeo, a community of female divers, at work. These women are a crucial part of Jeju’s cultural identity, and they make a living diving for clam, seaweed, and sea cucumber, among others.

Go hiking at the Hallasan National Park
If you’re up for some hiking and sightseeing, then a trip to the Hallasan National Park is a must when you’re in Jeju Island. It’s where you can find the Hallasan mountain, which is the highest mountain in South Korea. Most people plan on hiking up the mountain, and there are four main trails that you can take– keep in mind though that it will take at least 7 hours to complete, so make sure to wear comfy hiking boots and bring some water to stay hydrated. You should also bring sunscreen, snacks, and a packed lunch since you can’t buy anything on the trail. Out of all the trails, the Songpanak Trail is favored by most local hikers since it’s only slightly inclined and there are some stairs that you can take to reach the top.

Check out all the wuirky museums
Jeju Island is home to some of the most unique museums in the world. One of them is the O’Sulloc Tea Museum where you can take beautiful pictures while standing in the green tea fields. Afterwards, you can do some shopping at the nearby Innisfree shop, which carries green tea-infused skincare products. There’s also the Jeju Folk Village, a traditional village that shows the lifestyle of Jeju fishermen and farmers in the olden days. Hello Kitty Island is also a must-see, and those with children will surely love a trip to this place that pays tribute to this beloved character. It features exhibition halls, a 3D theater, a cafe, and a gift shop, so plan on leaving with a few Hello Kitty souvenirs.

Jeju Island is an amazing place for a summer vacation. Consider these activities and places for your Jeju holiday and have a wonderful time exploring this gem of an island in South Korea.