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Nine best places in Australia for making memories

Australia offers diverse scenery that gives a score of memories that are worth reminiscing for your entire life. These destinations make The Land Down Under a top tourist destination and a unique place to see and experience.

Travel memories have the power to change personalities. While this may sound straight out from any travel buff, a University of Zurich neuropsychology professor confirms that travel indeed has a positive effect on individuals. 

Just as cameras and mobile phones can store numerous travel photos, the brain can also retain these memories and the positive feelings associated with them. Travel enhances recall and has a positive impact on people. 40% percent of British travelers say a trip changed them as a person, and 20% found a new hobby after travel.

If you’re looking for a place to give you powerful and long-lasting memories, then Australia is your best bet.  The Land Down Under has diverse landscapes, panoramic views, and unique adventures. Choose from white sand beaches or towering rock formations, the vast outback or lush forests, bustling cities or cozy towns, underwater adventures or bridge climbing. Sample local wines and cuisine and tour historical places and cultural hotspots. 

If you want to bring home memories to last a lifetime, make sure to check out the following places in Australia. 

1. Tasmania 
Tasmania is Australia's smallest state and the third-largest island. Avail of the daily tours this company offers to make memorable tours along:

• Wine Glass Bay
• Freycinet National Park 
• Hobart, the capital city, has several exquisite art galleries, such as the Museum of Old and New Art. It also boasts of wine and food trails that feature apples, oysters, chocolates, and the signature pinot noir, as well as a host of cool-climate wines.

2. Port Douglas: Gateway To World Heritage Sites
Approximately an hour’s drive from Cairns, Port Douglas is a gateway to two World Heritage Sites—The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Forest. Memory makers for this amazing intersection of beach and forest include: 

• Seeing protected coral cay of the Low Isles for swimming and snorkeling
• Island hopping on Whitsundays to experience the Living Reef first-hand
• Meeting Daydream Island’s resident marine biologist to learn about stingrays, starfish, and sea cucumbers living on the Great Barrier Reef. 
• Stopping at Whitehaven Beach with its 98% silica sand and exploring the fusion of white sand and azure waters at Hill Inlet.  
• Visiting Daintree Forest, the oldest rainforest in the world, to spot crocodiles, sleeping birds, Boyd's rainforest dragon, bats, possums, spiders, insects, and snakes.
• Taking a guided tour of the Mossman Gorge from a Kuku Yalanji to learn about bush foods, local lore, sacred ceremonies, and intimate connection with the land.

3. Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour is a 240 kilometer stretch of pristine beaches and scenic gardens. Besides taking a selfie at the famous Opera House, make Sydney an unforgettable stop by:

• Taking a ferry to explore Circular Quay and visit the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House
• Welcoming the New Year watching fireworks and light shows 
• Climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see the breathtaking scenery 134 feet above sea level

4. Barossa Valley  
You can experience Barossa vineyards with customized tours that expose visitors to lesser-known stays and activities. You’ll gain an in-depth experiences of the local culture and establish a deeper connection and appreciation of nature. Here are some exciting activities to try out:

• Sipping wine made in the year you were born or toast to important dates in history 
• Exploring the Butcher, Baker, Winemaker Trail by car or bike 
• Exploring the wine region through a hot-air balloon or helicopter ride

5. Melbourne
Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is also considered the cultural capital of Australia. You can also make this a worthwhile vacation for kids by exposing them to fresh perspectives about culture and diversity by:

• Taking them to Aboriginal museums such as Ian Potter Center: NGV Australia and Koorie Heritage Trust
• Walking around the city’s 19th-century arcades and alleyways. 
• Strolling along with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Melbourne Gardens

6. Great Ocean Road 
The Great Ocean Road starts from Melbourne and spans 400 kilometers towards the South Australian border. The top attractions on this scenic drive include the 12 Apostles, Bay of Islands, London Bridge, Shipwreck Coast, and the continent's oldest lighthouse at Cape Otway.

7. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 
Uluru or Ayers Rock is one of the iconic landmarks of the Australian outback. You can make beautiful memories of this scenic landscape by:

• Going to the Field of Light Pass, an art installation of 50,000 solar-powered crowned with glass spheres which you can experience in two ways: Sunrise Field of Light or A Night at Field of Light. 
• Dining under the stars with a traditional bush tucker menu and sparkling wine, and then listening to the resident star talker’s tale of the Southern night sky.

8. Fraser Island
One of the most unusual islands on the planet, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and the only place on earth where rainforest trees grow on dunes. Activities that make great memories of this sand island are: 

• Experiencing the Fraser Island Great Walk, a 90 km track which you can complete in 6 days. It passes through most of the notable sites in the island including Wanggoolba Creek, Lake McKenzie, Valley of the Giants, and Lake Wabby. 
• As an alternative, trying the Central Lakes scenic drive to see Pile Valley and Stonetool Sandblow in addition to the lakes mentioned above. 
• Hiring a 4WD at Kingfisher Village to drive down 75 Mile Beach

9. The Great Dividing Range 
Australia is also a must-see destination during winter. Ski on gum tree-lined slopes on The Great Dividing Range. You can also make it a memorable winter escapade by trying out dog sledding and snowshoeing. 

Australia offers diverse scenery that gives a score of memories that are worth reminiscing for your entire life. These destinations make The Land Down Under a top tourist destination and a unique place to see and experience.

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