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Organize your trip to Egypt: Tips and inspiration

Before buying in Egypt, you must first know that negotiation is necessary. Also try to get away from the tourist souks.

If you feel the urge to take the plunge in the incredible Egypt tours, we have prepared for you this guide to organize your trip to Egypt. 

Transport in Egypt
To find cheap flights to Egypt see the advice and tips from experts on cheap flights.

Train: The Egyptian rail network spans 7,600 km and carries more than one million passengers daily. There are 3 train classes. You can buy your tickets online (here), at the counter or even from the controller with a symbolic fine. Trains are generally air conditioned with reasonable prices.

The sleeper train: More expensive, this train mainly connects Cairo to Luxor and Aswan. 

The bus: The bus remains the most economical solution for traveling in Egypt. The Egyptian bus network is well developed with a quality of service which varies from company to company. In general, the buses are air conditioned, but ask about the level of comfort on board before boarding. However, it is highly advisable to book your seats in advance if you are traveling to Sinai, Luxor, Aswan or Nubia.

The plane: The main airline to offer domestic flights in Egypt is Egyptair. Flying should be a good idea when you're short on time and have to travel long distances, or for people who can't handle long journeys by bus or train. However, tickets can be quite expensive.

The car: Caution is advised when driving in Egypt, the highway code is not necessarily respected. So do not hesitate to honk your horn to warn others, avoid driving too fast or driving at night, many cars drive without headlights. In Egypt, there are 3 kinds of gasoline: the 80, the 90 and the 92. Be careful not to go wrong! On roads and highways the speed is controlled, do not exceed the maximum speed, we do not discuss with the radars.

The collective taxi: Present near the bus or train stations, the drivers announce their destinations aloud and set off when there are enough passengers on board. 

Accommodation in Egypt
Hotels: hotels in Egypt, there is something for all budgets. They are generally comfortable with the breakfasts included in the price. Many hotels offer day to day excursions at affordable prices, but you can still negotiate.

Youth hostels: they are rather recommended for those traveling alone. It allows them to meet great people. It should be noted that mixed dormitories are prohibited for Arab passport holders.

Homestay: Egyptians are very warm, however staying with locals in Egypt is not a common practice. 

What to do and see in Egypt
The followings are common places to visit in Egypt tour packages. Lets check them out!

Cairo: a city of contrast with all its pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic monuments. Known for its Giza pyramids, the Egyptian museum, Khan Al Khalili and the Hussein mosque, the citadel of Salah El Din and the Mohamed Ali mosque, Maydan Al Tahrir and the Cairo tower with its panoramic view of the city crossed by the Nile … In Cairo, an Egyptian atmosphere guaranteed.

Alexandria: the citadel of Qaitbey, the church of Saint Mark or the Roman theater. Alexandria is a coastal city that you can explore while enjoying the Mediterranean. A visit to the library of Alexandria is essential.

Luxor: lovers of ancient sites, in Luxor you will be served. The temple of Amun, the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Ramesseum … You can also enjoy the sunrise in a hot air balloon for a unique experience in an open air museum.

Aswan: or the gateway to Nubia, Aswan is a picturesque city with its small streets, its souk and its calm. The Abu Simble temple south of Aswan is absolutely not to be missed.

Hurghada: one of the best resorts in Egypt. In Hurghada, you can combine luxury and comfort on the Red Sea at affordable prices.

Shopping and buying souvenirs in Egypt
Before buying in Egypt, you must first know that negotiation is necessary. Also try to get away from the tourist souks. One of the main purchases in Egypt is Egyptian cotton products known for their very good quality. On the other hand, the camel wool carpets and their African style, the oriental copper utensils and their traditional touch, without forgetting the famous Egyptian blown glass with all its shapes and colors, each product is unique, you will probably hesitate between vases, ashtrays, lampshades, Arab lanterns… 

Hopefully this guide can bring benefits to you.