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Reasons to move to Philadelphia

Here are some more reasons to move to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is not nicknamed the city of brotherly love for no reason. It’s because the city gives unconditional love to both its native residents and new migrants. From the bustling art scene to the unique cultural heritage, history, and booming economy, Philly’s high-quality living standards make relocating to this place desirable. 

Considering relocating to this vibrant metropolis? Here are some more reasons to move to Philadelphia. 

1. Art, music, culture
Compared to most US states and bubbling districts, Philly's arts, music, and cultural scenes are among the finest. 

For instance, cultural museums like the Barnes Foundation houses quite some exquisite art collections and paintings from the Renaissance period to today's modern age. Even Philly’s Museum of Art stands as a great artistic marvel with its impressive architectural design, incredible antique collection, and world-famous artworks. Music groups like the Philadelphia Orchestra never cease to attract the attention of music lovers with their amazing orchestra performances throughout the year. There’s more! 

There are tons of live music venues to enjoy a live jazz or blues music event. The most popular is Jay Z's annual Made in America festival. Add to this, theatrical performances hold almost every season so that people can experience live dramas.

2. Housing affordability 
The most attractive benefit of living in Philadelphia is that even with its high urban standards, housing options are surplus and low. While the US real estate market keeps appreciating, getting an apartment in Philly won’t cost a fortune, unlike big cities like DC and New York. A medium-sized budget like $100,000 can make afford the “dream house” everyone desires in this city. 

3. A plethora of beaches, parks, and mountains 
Outdoor lovers will love the beach, park, and mountain views this city has to offer. 

There are over 300 parks in Philly where one can enjoy a nice day out with loved ones. Love more exercise and athletic activities? Philadelphia has a 166 mails trail that allows for jogging, running, biking, and walking activities. Even the 60 neighborhood gardens across its district will make one want to spend time enjoying nature.  

4. Higher education
Philly’s high educational standard has   gained it a top stop among US best educational facilities. 

Drexel University, Villanova University, University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University are some of the most popular high learning institutions in America. The best part is that they are located in Philly. How good does that sound for people seeking to further their education through higher learning?  Delightful! 

5. Economy
The city of brotherly love ranks seventh in the nation's catalog of best cities with a booming economy. Hence, getting completely low on cash is never an option. From industries like ICT, biotechnology, manufacturing, healthcare, and oil refining, Philadelphia houses many sustainable companies that promote better Gross Domestic Product than most cities while offering residents unceasing opportunities to gain attractive income-fetching jobs. 

6. Sport
If there's ever a city that can't live without sports, it's Philly. Baseball lovers, hockey, basketball, and even soccer fans will love the Pro level sports team Philly offers, from the MLB Phillies to the NFL Fly Eagles, NBA's 76ers, NHL's Flyers, and even the MLS Union. Just take a stroll to Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Subaru Park, or Wells Fargo Center, and there will be so many sports activities that living the sports dream won't be a dream anymore. 

7. Food
When it involves food, whether soft pretzels, bagels, or international dishes, the city of brotherly love won’t disappoint. 

From Asian to African, Italian, Mexican, and even Brazilian dishes, new residents will have their fill of food and dining options that they’ll often lose count of their best meal every time. 

Want to try a tasty pizza treat? Suburbs like Fishtown have the tastiest Pizzas on sale. Midtown Village would attract veggie lovers with its outstanding culinary dishes. Meanwhile, residents who can't do without their daily dose of coffee can head to Pennsport to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at Herman's Coffee café. 

On the other hand, no matter how people make Philly offer copycat cheesesteaks, Dalessandro and John Roast Port, located in Roxborough and South Philly, will give a delectable surprise of mouthwatering cheesesteaks no one would expect.   

8. Weather
Philadelphia is situated on the Eastern seaboard, which would typically make the city’s climate cool. However, the Appalachian Mountain around its Western coastlines makes the weather moderate. Summer months are hot, but the temperatures are quite on the high side from late July to August. Winters are accommodating and below freezing point, especially in the weeks between January and February. On the other hand, the Autumn and Spring months bring with them the fresh fragrance of flowers. So much so that nature lovers will find serenity by simply taking a stroll through the community at any hour of the day. 

9. History
The city is also a legendary site in the nation’s history. It witnessed the first kite experiment by Ben Franklin and even George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River. It also houses America’s oldest street, Elfreth Alley, and the Independence Hall where America signed the Declaration of Independence. 

10. Job opportunities
Many of the Fortune 500 companies reside in this city, from Sunoco to Comcast, Wyeth, Lincoln Financial Group, Pep Boys, Boeing, and even GlaxoSmithKline. Even industrial sectors like oil refining, biotechnology, food processing, and healthcare have a solid footing. This means that residents can get a job at ease, no matter the industry. 

Relocating to a city as large as Philadelphia may seem like an intense move, but the benefits, like those listed in this guide for top 10 reasons to move to Philadelphia are quite attractive so that the cons won’t match up. From housing affordability to a good economy, surplus outdoor attractions, and its artsy heritage, Philadelphia will be sure to keep new residents entertained daily. 

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