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Sights of Belek you must visit

Belek as a resort began only 35 years ago. The city in Antalya province attracts tourists with its wide beaches from May to September; in the remaining months, golf lovers come here.

Since the city is young, there are few attractions in it, but within a radius of 50 kilometers you will find different places, from ancient theaters and caves to modern centers.

The main dream of the city of Belek and a landscaped garden with a waterfall
The Belek Kamii Mosque was created at the end of the 20th century. The building is topped with a dome in the center and has two minarets. This is an example of a national religious construct. If you want to go inside, take care to cover your clothes and take off your shoes before entering, and in the evening you must also cover your head.

There is always a lot of noise around the mosque: this is the very heart of a small tourist town. If you look at the map, below the mosque there is a landscaped garden, its main element is a huge multi-level artificial waterfall, in front of which the name of the city is written in multi-colored letters. Few tourists leave here without taking a photo. As you know, Belek does not have its own airport, so we recommend using a transfer from Belek to Antalya, when you fly back. It’s much more convenient and faster.

Entrance to the mosque and garden is free. If you live in Belek, you can get to the city center on foot from anywhere. There are shuttle buses (dolmushi) from the village of Kadriye. From the hotel on the beach line you can take a taxi.

Central fountain of Kadriye
From the main mosque of Belek to the center of the tourist village of Kadriye, where the Kadriye fountain is located, is 7 kilometers, the drive takes less than 15 minutes. Buses and taxis also stop near the fountain.

The fountain has a unique multi-level design, consists of many bowls of different shapes, is made of beige tiles and fits organically into the flower garden.

Kadriye market
A real Turkish bazaar takes place in Kadriye on Tuesdays. From the roundabout to Atatürk Cd. and the central fountain – to the right, the market occupies several neighboring streets. Usually open from 8:00 to 15:00. Simple souvenir shops are open daily from 9:00 to 24:00.

The Kadriye market is famous for its high prices and at the same time unobtrusive sellers. Don’t forget to bargain, this is the East!

You can buy absolutely everything here: from fruits, vegetables and traditional Turkish sweets to leather and fur products, jewelry and handmade dishes.

Kadriye park
In the center of the village, conventionally between the main fountain and the main mosque, there is a pleasant youth and cultural park (Kadriye Gençlik Ve Kültür Parkı). You can enter the park 24 hours a day and free of charge.

Here you can relax on the benches after shopping. There are sculptures throughout the park: turtles, donkeys, goats, sheep and others. There is a stage where concerts are held. The kids will find somewhere to run. Thanks to the lighting, the park is suitable for visiting in the evening.

Land of legends theme park
The Land of Legends features 20 amusement park rides and 40 water park slides. And also shows and concerts, restaurants, cafes and shopping avenues. A surf pool, an underwater safari, a man-made volcano, a tropical island with white sand – the choice is huge.

From June 1 to August 31, the cost of visiting for adults (from 12 years old) is $62.5, for children 4-11 years old – $50. In September, tickets cost $50 and $40 respectively. At the beginning of October – 40 and 32, at the end – 35 and 28. In winter, the price decreases further, and by summer it begins to rise again. The entrance ticket is valid from 10:00 to 19:00.

This is Turkey’s largest recreational park, opened in July 2016. In 2018, it received two awards: “Best New Attractions in Europe” and “Best Water Parks in Europe”.

From Kadriye Central Park you can reach The Land of Legends on foot in 15 minutes, a walk of just over a kilometer. By the way, you can order service to get to your hotel in Belek from the airport. It’s cheaper than a regular taxi, safer and faster.

Garden of religions
The Garden of Religions, or Garden of Tolerance, Hoşgörü Bahçesi, opened in 2004. It symbolizes tolerance and brotherhood of religions. A Muslim mosque, a Christian church and a Jewish synagogue open into the common courtyard.

The garden is cozy and quiet; it occupies a small area and is surrounded by pine trees and other coniferous trees. Even if you don’t consider yourself a believer, come here just for the fresh fragrant air and silence.

Wake park “Hypnotics”
Hip-Notics Cable Ski has three lakes, 17 obstacles, wakeboarding, skate park, trampoline, sauna, jacuzzi, basketball, beach volleyball, ping pong and more. It is convenient to get from the Belek Mosque to Hypnotix by car through the city of Serik, 21 kilometers and 25 minutes.

Lake L1 is an obstacle park for beginners, L2 is the main one for wakeboarding. L3 – for private rental. All lakes are artificial and fed by mountain water. Their depth is only 170 centimeters, so they manage to keep the water warm.