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Simple tips to help prepare for a road trip

The following tips can help you get organised ahead of your next big trip, whether you’re going it alone or taking your dearest friends with you.

With travel slated for a summertime boom in 2022, it’s safe to say that holidays are officially back. After the tribulations of the last couple years, friend groups and households alike are itching to get back out there. Road trips are a quintessential form of modern holiday, giving people the freedom to choose their direction and schedule, and take in some beautiful sights on the way. 

However, planning for a road trip might prove a little difficult after so long without a good holiday. With that in mind, the following tips can help you get organised ahead of your next big trip, whether you’re going it alone or taking your dearest friends with you.

Up to half of the fun of a road trip can be found in its planning stages. This is the time for getting excited, for dreaming up ridiculous plans and for narrowing down exactly what you and your friends want to do – or in the case of a solo trip, exactly which bucket list destinations make the grade. 

Naturally, your trip planning should start with the route you’re taking. Make final decisions on the stops you’re going to make, so you can familiarise yourself with the roads you’ll be travelling between each destination. With your route finalised, you can plan out petrol and supply stops, as well as your accommodation plans for each night you’re out; book your hotels now, before you find yourself stranded! 

If your road trip is an international one, you may need paperwork for crossing borders; the UK’s exit from the EU means that the rules are different, and in certain scenarios a visa might be necessary. Do your research and give yourself ample time to arrange the necessary documents to secure passage.

Preparing your car
Your car is instrumental to the success of your road trip, and your trip planning should treat it accordingly. Account for every possibility, and ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before you set off. In terms of packing, you’ll want to bring along ample equipment in the form of emergency kits, including:

  • A spare tyre that’s in good and serviceable condition
  • A cordless impact wrench, for changing tyres quickly in the event of a flat
  • Engine oil, brake fluid and coolant to keep your car topped on longer trips – or in the event of a leak
  • Anti-slip mats in case of getting stuck in a rut
  • De-icer for colder conditions

And lastly- packing. There’s more to it than you might think! Start out with your essentials. If you’re crossing borders, you’ll want your passport, licenses and relevant paperwork to hand, as well as your car keys and currency. These should all go together in a bag or wallet, so you can keep them to hand in your glovebox – and avoid having to dig through your smalls to find your driver’s license later on! 

With the important stuff packed, together and safe, you can focus on clothes and supplies. Find out what the weather’s likely to be like at each stop on your journey, and pack accordingly. You’d also do well to pack an additional jumper or two, in case a cold snap or car breakdown leaves you wanting for warmth.

With your route planned, your bags packed and your car ready as it’ll ever be, all that’s left is to wait for your chosen departure date!