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Ten great summer holiday destinations for undergraduates

An excellent vacation destination allows you to broaden your talents and possibly land an apprenticeship or a few months of volunteering.

Student vacations are among the most memorable moments anyone may have in their entire life. You can explore new things with friends, get acquainted with different nations, and broaden your horizons by seeing things outside your location. While traveling during school time is possible if you plan, the breaks are by far the most excellent choice. You get to unwind, forget about examinations and schoolwork, and get a realm of new experiences and impressions.

What distinguishes the finest undergraduate vacation spots from the rest? Possibilities are the way. An excellent vacation destination allows you to broaden your talents and possibly land an apprenticeship or a few months of volunteering. Forget about luxury accommodation and excessive indulgences. Your undergraduate years should be spent resting and planning. With these ten best undergraduate getaways, you will make a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1. Dubrovnik
It's true that Emperor's Landing exists! Game of Thrones made the town legendary, while it is a historical treasure stuck in a bygone era. The beautiful old castle will capture you as you approach the area, prompting you to stare at it without breathing. Moreover, the Old Town extends beyond the citadel until it meets the ever-stunning sea view.

Besides that, you can visit one of the numerous magnificent islands in the vicinity, such as Hvar, if you become tired of roaming around the area and the neighboring seashore. A range of vacation activities, places of sightseeing, and student-oriented entertainments are also available.

2. Amsterdam
The North's Venice is among the world's greatest destinations. The calm and peaceful vibe of the place will give you a surprise right away. Hotel and restaurant rates may seem too high because it is a significant tourist destination. However, Amsterdam is certainly more than a travel spot.

Many worldwide firms have their offices in the city. Therefore, Amsterdam may easily become your next home. Plus, you would have a wonderful time if you learned some amazing facts about the place and its ambiance.

3. Salou
Salou is the destination to go to in the summertime due to its vicinity in every aspect. It is a popular undergraduate getaway that is often eclipsed by neighboring Coastal towns and beaches. If the magnificent pristine beaches aren't enough for you, the several stony coves are sure to enchant the newcomers. Besides, the best thing about Tarragona's old center is that the rates are substantially cheaper than in other popular places.

4. Berlin
It is a cosmopolitan marvel and a constantly buzzing city. Although it is said that Berlin is a busy city, it is best to visit this place during the summertime. Like Rotterdam, Berlin is a strange blend of history and massive development, which has helped it become an important European commercial center.

After visiting legendary clubs such as Tresor and numerous museums, you will return home weary and delighted. Even if exams or home tasks are approaching, no need to overstretch yourself and dive into studies right after arrival as you can turn to the best online paper writing service and get their help. Find attractive apprenticeships, establish contacts, and have fun while you're exploring.

5. Vienna
Are you willing to walk in the footsteps of Sigmund Freud,  Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Broz Tito? But since the initial days of the German and Austria-Hungary empires, the Land of Music has become the epicenter of European society. Visiting it is similar to walking into a bygone storybook.

Moreover, the city's ancient core extends into the more contemporary districts, providing the right combination of entertainment and learning. Master's courses in Vienna are affordable and in high demand, so you must certainly look into them.

6. Prague
Due to its frigid, stunning winter environment and sunny seasons, Prague is a perfect location for cold and warm vacations. The very first idea you need to try when you arrive is to get a drink of green tea. Sit on Charles Bridge to enjoy the view of the sunset while admiring all of the magnificent monuments that have withstood the passage of history.

With far more than ten significant monuments and large local theatres, the town is also a prominent cultural center in Europe. The generosity and friendliness that the inhabitants are famed for will make you feel right at home.

7. Ibiza
Spanish authorities have succeeded in combining the world's most exemplary digital music culture with stunning palaces, historical monuments, and beautiful beaches in Ibiza. You'll almost certainly touch hands with prominent sportsmen, actresses, and other stars, which will enhance the thrill. In fact, the ideal way to see Ibiza is to incorporate it with a Catalan tour that includes Barcelona and Majorca.

8. Budapest
Hungary's metropolis is a major economic hub and one of the famous capitals where the Roman heritage and present-era wonders are connected. There's an unusual blend of brutalist, Soviet buildings and European treasures in the city center.

9. Majorica
Catalonia is a must-see destination, and you must begin with Majorca. Although the landscape and luxuriant environment of the largest island in the Mediterranean archipelago cannot compare to that of Ibiza, it can surpass even the subtropical rainforests of America.

Furthermore, Majorca is the right combination of calm and bustle for unwinding and recharging for the upcoming semester. Enjoy a boat journey to Cabrera and Dragonera, two little beaches neighboring Majorca, while you are relaxing there.

10. Barcelona
Although the Sagrada church isn't completed yet, you can enjoy observing its construction. Spend the week off if you're a soccer enthusiast and go to the famous stadium. The famous arena dedicated to FC Barcelona has witnessed many best-talented athletes showing their skills over the past few generations.

Moreover, you can go hiking in the neighboring mountains to test your muscles for the challenge. If you cope with the task, you'll be blessed with some of the most breathtaking views you'll ever see.

Wrapping things up
Whatever vacation spot you choose, you will surely get an incredible experience. Look for low-cost flight tickets and polish up your vocabulary knowledge. Cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam are more dynamic, with a distinct blend of music and media. Majorca and Dubrovnik are the most incredible places to go if you want to unwind a little. Still, other places we’ve discussed are also worth a visit and promise you a heap of positive impressions.