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Ten ways to save money when traveling abroad

Here is a list of ten actionable ways to save money when traveling abroad. 

Going on a vacation is expensive, and the expense increases further when traveling abroad. Therefore, it becomes essential to ensure one stays within the budget to avoid burning holes in their pocket. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to save money while traveling abroad without compromising the experience. Here is a list of ten actionable ways to save money when traveling abroad. 

1. Set a budget 
Setting a budget is the first step towards saving money when traveling abroad. Without a budget, one can easily spend too much money without even realizing it; after choosing a travel destination, research the money you will need to enjoy the vacation in that particular place fully. For instance, do you need to try the Grand Lotto 6/55 organized in your destination? If yes, what is the price of the ticket and what is the reward for being a winner in the Lotto Result

Based on your research, set a realistic budget to help you stay within the expense limit. Also, more than setting a budget is needed; keeping a record of daily expenses while traveling is crucial to ensure how much money you have to spend. 

2. Travel in the off-season 
Some places, such as Christmas or New Year, are expensive during the festive season. Therefore, to save money, you should avoid traveling during the high season and instead opt for off-season traveling. To travel during the off-season, one must be flexible with the travel dates. With this flexibility, you can ensure that you book different tickets when the fee hits the lowest amount. 

3. Use public transport 
Flight tickets are mostly unavoidable when traveling abroad. However, once you reach your destination, use public transport to travel around. Also, try to use a bicycle to cover short distances in the destination area. Furthermore, whenever possible, try to walk. 

4. Carry a water bottle 
When purchased, water bottles can prove to be very expensive, especially when you need multiple bottles in a day. Therefore, carry a water bottle with you so you can easily fill your water in. Even though it might not save you a ton of money, it will definitely save a considerable amount of money for sure. 

5. Book a room that comes with a kitchen area 
When staying abroad for an extended period, try to look for a room with a kitchen area. A room with a kitchen can help you cut costs on room services and eating outside all the time. Furthermore, many times such apartments are cheaper than hotels. Also, if you want to stay in a hotel, look for one that provides complimentary breakfast. A hostel can also ensure a more reasonable but more comfortable stay. 

6. Go for free attractions 
Worldwide, there are always travel destinations available that one can enjoy for free. When traveling, ensure that you maximize free attractions and minimize the attraction that comes with entrance fees. However, if an attraction is of prime importance and comes with a fee, it should be addressed. The key here lies in the balance between free and paid visits. 

7. Eat like a local 
Restaurants can be expensive, especially if they are very fancy. Try to eat at local restaurants in foreign countries to save tons of money. Not only are the prices of the local restaurants much lower than the fancy ones, but also, you get the opportunity to explore the area's local cuisine. 

8. Avoid foreign transaction/ATM withdrawal fees
When you travel to an international destination, swiping cards or withdrawing money from ATMs can result in withdrawal fees. Even though different banks have different predetermined costs, the range lies somewhere around 2-3% of the total withdrawal. This amount is expensive. Try to look for ways to avoid these fees by opting for credit cards that have zero transaction fees. 

9. Network with the local people 
The locals know the place inside out. Therefore, networking with the locals is always recommended. They can guide you to a nice place to stay, along with good restaurants and places to visit. Therefore, when in doubt, ask the locals. If you have already booked accommodation, you can also enquire about the area to the helpers there. 

10. Take a travel insurance 
Even though travel insurance might not always save money, it can be advantageous in case of any mishap. It prepares you for emergencies and helps you save money in such situations. Go for travel insurance that covers the basic requirements and includes medical care. 

With these ten ways, you can save money in a foreign land while enjoying it. 

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