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The five most famous casinos in the world: Are they worth visiting

We’d like to discuss our shortlist of five famous casinos while identifying why they are worth visiting. So let’s get started.

Despite the booming online gaming industry these days, nothing quite beats an in-person wager. There is something magical about strolling across a casino floor, witnessing a barrage of games, and hearing the screams of winners from all walks of life. You may know the feeling well if you are a seasoned casino player. However, even if you are a veteran of the casino gaming world, it’s unlikely that you’ve played in all of these locations. 

This brings us to the topic of today – the top five casinos that you just have to visit whenever you get a chance. Of course, certain countries have a lot of physical casino locations, whereas some have very few. If you are fortunate enough to be based in a country that has plenty of options, some of the world’s best casinos will be right on your doorstep. 

Either way, we’d still like to discuss our shortlist of five famous casinos while identifying why they are worth visiting. So let’s get started.

The Bellagio – Las Vegas
The first of the casinos we wish to discuss is based in a location commonly known as ‘Sin City’ – Las Vegas. This is a place like no other on the face of the Earth in terms of gambling. Top-drawer casinos are dotted all over the famous Las Vegas Strip, yet one of them particularly stands out. The one we are referring to is The Bellagio. This colossal casino glistens against the Vegas skyline, and as you may know, it also has sensational fountain displays running constantly. 

The Bellagio was built in 1998 for the grand cost of $1.6 billion, which made it the most expensive casino ever built at the time. Today, the casino boasts a 14,500 square meter gambling floor which is home to blackjack, craps, roulette, as well as many of these trending slot games. Like many others in Vegas, The Bellagio also doubles up as a hotel with almost 4,000 rooms. It is even equipped with bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and even art galleries. 

Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco
Checking out modern-day casinos can be pretty exciting, as reflected in the previous review of The Bellagio. Sometimes however, it’s the classical casinos that are just irresistible, which is why we’ve listed the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. This casino was established over 150 years ago – 1865, to be precise. Being in Monaco, as you’d expect, this one just radiates class and wealth. According to reports, this was also a favorite of the late British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. 

So if this was one of Churchill’s favorite casinos, we’d say it must be doing something right. Over the years, the casino has entertained many individuals belonging to the rich and famous class – even James Bond (fictional, of course). Everything about the Casino de Monte Carlo is just exquisite, ranging from the perfectly manicured gardens all the way to the roulette tables that lie in the shadow of staggering chandeliers. 

The Venetian Macao – China
The third casino on this list is The Venetian Macao, an American-owned casino based in China. As you may have guessed, this casino has a close resemblance to another classical casino in Las Vegas, also named ‘The Venetian’. The main reason that we’ve listed this one is that it is so grand in terms of scale. The Venetian Macao is home to 10.5 million square feet of floor space, enough to cram in quite literally thousands of casino games. It is also nestled on the spectacular Macau ‘Cotai Strip’, making it quite a picturesque casino too.

As it happens, the incredible facts relating to the scale of this casino don’t stop there. This is actually the second biggest casino in the entire world, and backing this up, The Venetian Macao is the 7th largest building in the world. So, it’s not just grand from a casino gaming perspective, it’s huge from a building perspective in general! The hotel itself is based on the city of Venice in Italy too, making it a somewhat romantic venue for those who wish to engage in more than just gambling.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore
Sticking in Asia, we’d like to introduce the Marina Bay Sands casino, located in Singapore. If you look at a single photo of the structure for this casino, you’d be forgiven for wanting to hop on a plane immediately. It is truly magnificent, boasting three huge towers that hold up the famous SkyPark nestled above them. In fact, Marina Bay Sands almost looks like it has arrived from the future. Then again, what would you expect for $8 billion in construction costs alone?

If you like a bit of variety concerning what casino games to play, you won’t find much better than Marina Bay Sands either. It has the single largest atrium casino in the world, displaying over 500 table games and 1,500+ slots to spin. Naturally, you’ve got Michelin-star restaurants, shopping malls, and other exhibits to frequent as well should you get bored. 

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas
To wrap up this breakdown of the five most famous casinos, we are heading back to the sands of Las Vegas. After all, why not finish where this journey started? For this one, you’ve got a casino based on one of the most famous historical families of all time – the Caesars. In fact, before you even walk through the doors you are greeted by the imposing statue of Augustus Caesar, one of the most famous rulers of Ancient Rome.

As for the design, the name kind of gives it away. This is structured just like a palace fit for a king, much as things must have been back in those times, and when it comes to casino gaming, few do it better. Caesars Palace entertains guests with a 4,500-square-foot poker room that is open 24 hours a day. This is complemented by a sea of video slots, table games, as well as a particular focus on high-roller gaming. 

For that reason, those who head to Vegas with a pocket full of cash usually end up at Caesars Palace at some point! But if you haven’t got buckets of cash to spend, this casino still has plenty to offer.

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