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Things to do in Perth when you’re traveling alone

Let’s head right in and know the top places and activities for your trip.

Nestled on the west coast of Australia, the vibrant city of Perth welcomes you with striking beaches, rich culture, calming parks, and fascinating museums.

If you’re planning a solo trip to this amazing city—first-timer or not, the captivating place is brimming with surprises for you.
So, let’s head right in and know the top places and activities for your trip!

1. Tour the Kings Park
Renowned as the largest city park worldwide, Kings Park has a glamorous botanical garden. It is full of wildflowers, trees, and plants of West Australian origins.

If you’re a history buff, opt for a free guided tour to learn more about the aboriginal significance and traditions of the past. This is also a great spot for long walks and cycling across the bushland.

You can even buy food and enjoy a picnic near the Pioneer Women’s Memorial and Fraser Avenue.

2. Try out a drive-in movie date
Enjoy old-school movie night in Perth’s only drive-in theatre, Galaxy Drive-in. But movies are hardly any fun alone. So, search for a Perth date on a reliable escort website. Don’t fret, as these services are completely legal in the city!

All you need to do is find a lady that fancies your taste. Rent a car and pack a blanket in the backseat. Pick her up at the chosen spot and get your own snacks. Let the movie begin, and you can lean in for a kiss or two or even more!

3. Indulge in the Ocean Reef sunset
Ocean Reef sunset is one of the special attractions of Perth that attracts both tourists and locals who love to stay active.

While many opt to ride a bike all the way up to the reef, you can take a shorter route. Reach Hillary’s Boat Harbour via bus and rent a bike there. Head north across the stunning Mullaloo Beach on this 1-hour long trail.

Make stops wherever you want to enjoy the views and have a break. Watch the sun get engulfed under the ocean at the Iluka Beach while you sip on coffee.

4. Admire the Fremantle area
Book a guided tour of the immense Fremantle prison. Learn about the times of convict settlements, prison riots, and other mysteries.
They recreate an eerie atmosphere where everyone holds a torchlight and walks across the dark prison. Get ready for a jawdropping time because there are some really gruesome truths awaiting you!

While you’re in the area, don’t miss the WA Shipwrecks Museum. It houses hundreds of relics from wrecked ships along the WA coastline. The most famous items are artifacts from several Dutch shipwrecks and original timber from the Batavia shipwreck.

5. Check out Elizabeth Quay’s architecture
The refurbished Elizabeth Quay connects Perth City and Swan River. This has led to the city center’s expansion with new promenades, shopping and entertainment zones, and parklands.

Admire the contemporary sculptures as you wander across the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Quay Bridge.

6. Explore the State Buildings’ insides
After exploring Elizabeth Quay, walk for one minute and reach the State Buildings Palace. It’s full of high-end restaurants and branded food shops.

Several food artisan shops are lined on the ground floor, with Sue Lewis Chocolaterie being the most popular. You can also enjoy a round of chocolate tasting. You can buy freshly-made chocolate as snacks or even as souvenirs on your last day.

7. Explore the food markets of Perth
Don’t miss Perth’s delicious local produce and dishes. The biggest street food market is the Twilight Hawkers Market, which begins in November only on Fridays. In April, another food-tasting festival called Eat Drink Perth is held.

The most interesting and mouth-watering markets are organized in summer at the Farmers Markets and Nights Markets.

8. Join a ceramic painting workshop
If you have an artistic side, then this is a must-try. Let out your creative juices to experience the joy of making something from scratch.

Choose any ceramic item, including mugs, cups, plates, or pot planters. Learn to paint from experts and pour your imagination into the piece. While you’re at it, you can also make friends and learn about more tourist sites.

This can be a great souvenir idea as it’s something hand-painted and from Perth!

While these are some of the most unique and popular things to do in Perth, the options are endless. So, ensure you stay at least three days to enjoy its true value at your own pace!