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Top christmas atmosphere destinations

Now you are ready to pack to one of those great Christmas destinations.

You can give yourself the gift that Old Saint Nick would envy this Christmas. These are our top picks for December destinations, ranging from charming European cities to lively Mexican main streets. From the birthplace of Jesus to the high-tech city with a unique atmosphere.

So, make sure you asked “do my paper for me” in the right place and have no debts for college or work. Now you are ready to pack to one of those great Christmas destinations!

Montreal, Canada
This French-Canadian metropolitan area is the best place to celebrate Christmas. Montreal’s French-themed Defile de Noel celebration, multiple Christmas fairs with fireworks displays and a wide variety of French cuisine make this an all-inclusive Christmas celebration.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland's Christmas spirit is so rich that even one Santa will not be enough. In Iceland, there are 13 Claus-like characters that give out gifts to good people for 13 days leading to Christmas. The capital of Reykjavik has the best chance to meet these Yule Lads. You'll also have the opportunity to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

New York City, USA
The Big Apple can deliver more-than-life Christmas memories. The holiday season is a time when the city that never sleeps can be seen offering countless Christmas events, including the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree which stands at 94 feet tall (27 meters) and the six-story ornament displays on Sixth Avenue.

Nuremberg, Germany
Germany hosts 70 Christmas Markets in winter. Nuremberg is the most well-known. This world-famous tradition attracts more than two million people each year. There are 200 stalls selling traditional German toys and handmade gifts.

Lapland, Finland
Lapland lies north of the Arctic Circle and is considered to be Santa Claus' true home. Finland's capital city Rovaniemi honors their hometown hero with winter wonderland activities like reindeer safaris, Santa's elves in action, and joining Mrs. Claus for cookie-baking classes.

Bethlehem, Palestine
Celebrate the holiday's history at the Birthplace of Jesus, the global hub for nativity scene scenes, and celebrate its roots. Every winter, thousands of people travel from around the globe to Bethlehem, Palestine for the annual mass pilgrimage. Here, legendary Christmas Eve gatherings take place in the Manger Square while midnight mass is held on the spot Jesus was born.

Quebec City, Canada
Canadian winters will reward those brave enough to brave the cold. Quebec City offers a classic Christmas experience. This historic area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find traditional Christmas activities, such as ice skating or exploring Christmas markets all over the city's cobblestone streets.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen's Tivoli gardens have been a top Christmastime location for celebrants from all walks of the globe for over 170 years. It's still spectacular, with its 60 stalls of light and Christmas trees adorned with thousands upon lights, making it easy to see why this Denmark destination has endured.

North Pole, Alaska, USA
The most popular Christmas destination, if you are looking for Christmas kitsch, is the best. North Pole, Alaska is home to 2200 residents, including Old Saint Nick. They celebrate Christmas every year with holiday decorations from January through December. Santa Claus House and Santaland RV Park are available for you to visit. You can also explore streets such as Santa Claus Lane or Kris Kringle Drive and enjoy the Christmas light show at this perennial holiday retreat.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna hosts three distinct Christkindlmarkts. One of the oldest dates back in the late 13th-century. It allows visitors to make their Christmas celebrations last as long they want. Austria's capital promises holiday fun, including gluhwein-filled goblets as well as nativity displays and the legendary performances of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Do you yearn for a warm Christmas season? The Spanish colonial Spanish city of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is full of surprises and a festive vibe. The town's main square hosts theatrical Las Posadas and procesions, live music and dancing, and you might even get a glowing tan.

Tokyo, Japan
Japan's capital has many secular celebrations that are worth noting. This is no surprise considering Tokyo's famous in-your-face decorations and lights. Tokyo doesn't celebrate Christmas Day, but the city embraces it with a festive enthusiasm not found in U.S. departmental stores. Tokyo is the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve, the Western world's most beloved holiday. Expect extravagant trimmings, infectious cheer and energetic outings.

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