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Top ten best travel destinations this 2022

Here’s a list of exotic destinations you can travel to with your friends and family this 2022.

After being cooped up for a long time, travel will finally bounce back this year. People have a renewed sense of wanderlust and a deep fear of missing out. Older people, in particular, want to travel more this year because they want to see their loved ones after spending the past years stuck in their homes; they feel that they have fewer years left. 

People interested in traveling this year have plenty of reasons for optimism. In recent years, many emphases have been on safety, resulting in travel restrictions and closed locations. Other destinations have loosened restrictions, while airplane lines have updated their machinery and flight schedules to make way for more long-haul flights. These long-haul flights will also target secondary destinations. The restrictions have resulted in soaring demand for travel agents, who have made navigating and traveling with regulations an enjoyable experience. 

According to Expedia, 37% of travelers from the United States plan to book international and domestic flights this 2022, and 59% of travelers from the same group have a rising interest in overseas travel. With these changing times, there are many ways you can travel. As a result, this presents an excellent opportunity to make new memories with friends and family.  

Here's a list of exotic destinations you can travel to with your friends and family this 2022!

1. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 

Cape Breton is renowned for its scenic trails (the Cabot Trail), Celtic culture, and music scene. It is also known for its golf scene, and the Island of Cape Breton takes its name from its most northeastern point in the island. Cape Breton's famed Cabot Trail is a 185-mile loop that passes through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Navigating the trail takes 5-7 days and is perfect for adrenaline junkies and those who enjoy hiking.  

Canada has taken steps to promote indigenous tourism in recent years, including Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The Mi'kmaq people are indigenous to Canada's Atlantic provinces and have a population of 170,000. You can connect and learn about Mi'kmaq culture by taking a tour to Membertou Heritage Park, Membertou, Cape Breton! 

2. Lanai, Hawaii 

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii yet less crowded than its more famous neighbors. The island is beloved for its beaches and hiking scene, making Lanai a great place to visit. Lanai may have fewer visitors, but it could be the next best thing. Lanai is one hour away from Auau Channel via ferry. It is also known for its owner, Larry Ellison, who has built two Four Seasons hotels on the island. 

You can drop by the Lanai Cultural Heritage Center to begin your visit. There, you will learn about the history of the island and its time as a pineapple plantation. For beach lovers, you can visit Hulopoe Beach and Sensei Lanai. Cat enthusiasts can also say hi to cats in the local Lanai Cat Sanctuary. You can play with and adopt rescued and abandoned felines. 

3. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is an area dedicated to wine grape-growing. It is located in Napa County, California. Commercial wine production in the region dates back as old as the 19th century. More records also indicate that premium wine production in Napa Valley was in place during the 1960s. Napa Valley's climate, geology and geography are conducive to growing grapes. These grapes include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz.

Due to its wine specialty, Napa Valley remains a top destination for ecotourism. Napa Valley is perfect for those who are into journeys of the gastronomic kind. There are plenty of activities in Napa, including wine tasting and visits to The French Laundry and Castello di Amorosa. The region's highlights include culinary tours, golf, and the arts. 

4. Madrid, Spain

The capital of Spain has many charms. Madrid is Spain's political, economic, and cultural center and attracts countless tourists every year. The city lies on the River Manzanares, located in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid's Cibeles Palace and Fountain serve as one of the most significant symbols of the city. 

Madrid boasts elegant architecture, impressive landscapes, fine food and notable museums. We recommend visiting Museo Nacional del Prado, Royal Palace of Madrid and Almudena Cathedral. Due to the city's age and history, it has retained the look and feel of its historical neighborhoods. Shopping enthusiasts can enjoy small designer boutiques, renowned retailers and large shopping malls located in the city. 

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas isn't only about gambling. It offers the best when it comes to shopping, food and hospitality and entertainment, and sports and shows. It is a mainstay as a location for big boxing matches and mixed martial arts events.  

Las Vegas highlights include the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, The Neon Museum and the Boulevard Mall. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is greatly inspired by European villages. It also follows a luxe Italian theme, famous fountain shows, and stellar fine-dining restaurants. Conversely, The Neon Museum showcases the history and comprehensive collection of local signages from old casinos and local ventures across time. People who like to shop can drop by the Boulevard Mall to relax, watch a film and look at fantastic clothing finds. 

6. Dijon, France

Dijon is a hub for foodies all over the world. Dijon mustard notably originated from Dijon, France. Aside from food, Dijon offers plenty of sights and spots that delight any traveler. Dijon offers plenty of restaurants and cafes to suit your palate as a place for gastronomic preferences. 

To taste Dijon's cultural and historical scene, you can go to Le Consortium, Notre Dame and the Ducal Palace. The Le Consortium showcases contemporary art pieces. Notre Dame is one of the most famous spots in Dijon; it is known for being the setting of Victor Hugo's piece, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a relic of the beauty of old architecture and a visual and more accessible symbol and representation of how the common folk worshiped God during the olden days. Dijon's Ducal Palace has a museum now. However, it still carries the remnant and a reminder of the power of the Duke of Burgundy during older times. 

7. Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy, is known for being the birthplace of one of the world's most beloved dishes, pizza. Aside from pizza, Naples has plenty of excellent restaurants, cathedrals, churches and a royal palace in line with its rich history and Catholic heritage. 

Our must-sees for Naples are the Chiostri di Santa Chiara, Castel Sant’elmo, and Via San Gregorio Armenio. These chapels, roads, and castles feature unique architecture courtesy of Italian medieval architecture and engineering innovation. They are also a testament to the Italian's dedication to the arts. 

8. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has a place for everyone; Kuta for the partying backpackers, Nusa Dua for the holidaying families, Seminyak for the digital nomads, Canggu for the chilled-out surfers, and Ubud for the yogis, spiritualists and artists. It is also the perfect destination for those who desire to pursue overall wellness. Bali is also known for its scenic views, great art scene and accessible cuisine experiences. 

The Uluwatu Temple is a must-go due to its excellent location. Art enthusiasts can have their fill of art with Ubud Art Market, while those who enjoy the great outdoors can see animals in the wild and enjoy time in the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

9. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, is the largest city in South Carolina. Charleston was founded in 1670 as a tribute to King Charles II. Charleston has plenty of great natural spots, cultural hubs, and historic locations. The Isle of Palms County Park is great if you take scenic beach walks and hike. 

Charleston will focus on honoring its African roots this 2022, and its International African American Museum will open in the fall. The Spoleto Music Festival USA is a festival held in South Carolina's theaters. It is known as America's premier music festival. The festival was founded in 1977 by Pulitzer Prize winner Gian Carlo Menotti, Christopher Keene, and others as a way to have an American counterpart to the annual Festival of Two Worlds. Part of the festival's success is attributed to its location in Charleston, which boasts plenty of tourist attractions and natural beauty. 

Conversely, the upcoming International African American Museum aims to educate people about African history and identity in America. South Carolina had a pivotal role in developing the international slave trade and the Civil War. The Museum mainly aims to connect visitors to their ancestors. 
10. Istanbul, Turkey

In 2022, Istanbul and its rich cultural landscape will attract plenty of intrepid travelers. With 2500 years of history, Istanbul has great nightlife, a fantastic food scene, shopping experience, and a city of great contrasts of east meets west. 

The Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazaar are some of Istanbul's architectural masterpieces. When it comes to food, Istanbul's diversity comes to play. Istanbul has international food, native Turkish dishes and Ottoman cuisine. You can also visit the Bosphorus, a hive of activity and entertainment if you enjoy the nightlife.

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