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Twenty essential items that travel lovers must carry

Our list will be a savior for you and will also have plenty of gift ideas for all travel enthusiasts you know. Take a look!

When God created the Earth, he blessed humankind with gorgeous landscapes. The righteousness of God is seen in his creation of such beautiful places for us to enjoy. And, there are a few weary souls that make catching a glimpse of God's creations their prime goal. Travelling is life for them, and it makes them happier inside out. Exploring new places, relishing different delicacies and making memories is always on their mind. Moreover, nothing can beat their passion and love for travelling. If you are one of those avid travellers and are all set to head onto a new journey, then wait, we have something special for you. To help you out in having the best trip of your life, we went ahead and curated a list of travel essentials. Our list will be a savior for you and will also have plenty of gift ideas for all travel enthusiasts you know. Take a look!

Neck pillow
Neck pillows are vital travel accessories as they provide support to your back and shoulder. Whether you are travelling on a bus or a traveler, a u-shaped neck pillow will rescue your neck and shoulders from all jerks.

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Electronic organizer
Are you tired of losing your USB cables or the whole charger itself? If it is a clear yes, then an electronic organizer will make for one of the most necessary travel products for you. You can keep your earphones, mobile charger, power bank, pen drive, and more essential items in an electronic organizer as it has a lot of pockets.

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Cable wraps
Are you someone whose earphones always end up getting entangled? We know you don't like the sight and so, you must get your hands on personalised cable wraps. Add your name or a quote on them, and forget about the hassle of detangling your earphones forever. This cable wrap is undoubtedly an essential for travel lovers.

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Voyager gift kit
Today, work from home is not limited to your own house. You can head out on a trip and work from your favourite holiday destination. If a fun-packed work from home is on your mind, then a Voyager kit is all you need. The kit has a messenger bag in which you can keep your laptop along with other things. Furthermore, the kit will make for the perfect gift for your travel buddy. 

To buy:, Price: INR  3999.00

Reusable face masks
Amidst the pandemic, face masks have become the new travel essentials. Hence, it is of utmost importance, and you should carry a pair of reusable face masks. To protect yourself, you must purchase high-quality masks that are made of Polypropylene and have comfortable elastic straps.

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Personalized power bank
Who doesn't know the benefit of having a power bank? But, a personalised power bank makes whole things more special. You can surprise your pal who is passionate about travelling or buy one for yourself. Furthermore, you can customise it according to your preference and add your name or initials to it.

To buy:, Price: INR 1499.00

Traveller gift keyring keychain
A fancy keychain that has a quote related to travelling will make for the choicest gifts for all travel lovers. The keychain will help you in organising all the keys and will easily fit in your sling bag or the pocket of your jacket.

To buy:, Price: INR 2949.00

Luggage weighing scale
As you start preparing for your trip, the first step includes packing your stuff and weighing it. For the latter part, you must get your hands on a luggage weighing scale that you can conveniently handle and that can measure the weight up to 50-60 kgs.

To buy:, Price: INR 365.00

Sling bag
A sling bag is one of the most common items. All of us have them, and they make things pretty easy. Carry a sling bag on your trip that will be light in weight and has an adjustable strap and various pockets.

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All in one travel plug adapter
We bet the next one on our list of essentials for travel lovers never crossed your mind. While getting ready for a trip abroad, we often forget to carry a travel plug adapter through which you can easily charge your electronics. Hence, you must shop for an all in one travel plug adapter that can fit in all kinds of sockets.

To buy:, Price: INR 594.00

Foldable water bottle
A water bottle is one of the most important items for your trip. Get a foldable water bottle that is made of silicone material, and you can carry it easily in your luggage.

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Travel compass
A travel compass is an item that all trekking fans will definitely need on their vacation. But, don't limit yourself to a normal one. Rather get a travel compass that comes with a personalised wooden box. You can give it to your family and friends or get it for yourself as it looks amazing. 

To buy:, Price: INR 1199.00

Travel slippers
Another necessary travel product that you must not miss out on is a pair of travel slippers. Don't just carry a simple one. Buy a quilted pair that is padded and provide you comfort with its cotton jersey inner sole.

To buy:, Price: INR 3379.00

Multi-purpose tool
If you are an adventure lover and your vacation is all about trekking, fishing, and more such activities, then you must find a multi-purpose tool and keep it in your travel bag. A tool that has a stainless steel body may help you in preparing your tents or for cutting purposes as you can use it like a knife or a scissor.

To buy:, Price: INR 3942.00

Travel coffee mug
Let the coffee kick in! All coffee maniacs should get a spill-proof travel coffee mug. A walled vacuum insulated thermos or mug will maintain the temperature of your coffee so that you can enjoy the view while relishing a delicious cup of coffee.

To buy:, Price: INR 1699.00

Luggage tags
A stunning luggage tag will enhance your overall airport look. You can get one that has a quote on it and is in the colour which you prefer. 

To buy:, Price: INR 489.00

Traveller towel
Traveller towel is a must-have travel item. We know that you were already going to keep one in your luggage. But, you must prefer a microfibre towel as it dries out fast and is good for your skin.

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Passport & wallet protector
Your passport is undoubtedly the main document for your trip. To protect it, you must purchase a protector case that is made of waterproof material. Moreover, you can safely carry your wallet by getting a case for it as well. 

To buy:, Price: INR 670.00

Bluetooth headphones
Are your trips incomplete without listening to your favourite beats? We completely get you, and so, the next essential is a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The wireless headset will make the listening to music experience special and hassle-free.

To buy:, Price: INR 999.00

Travel speakers
Make your holiday a fun experience by purchasing a personalised portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. The speaker will add the fun element to your trip, and you and your travel buddies can groove to your favourite beats anywhere and anytime with it.

To buy:, Price: INR 1799.00

All in all, our list of essentials for travel lovers has everything that you may need for a successful and memorable trip. So, note down these items and start ticking off them from your list!