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Upgrade your travel essentials with CBD

For those who use CBD as part of their daily life, the idea of traveling away from home and having to leave these products behind can be a worrying thought. 

The regular use of CBD products – either as a supplement or a health care item – has become a part of many people’s lives. A growing number of people are using products like CBD hemp oil and CBD topicals on a daily basis to treat long-term health conditions.

For those who use CBD as part of their daily life, the idea of traveling away from home and having to leave these products behind can be a worrying thought. Until recently, this was a very real problem for many people. Luckily the TSA recently updated their guidance regarding CBD and medical marijuana products.

What Are the TSA Changes, and What Do They Mean for Travelers?
It was not until the 2018 Farm Bill that CBD products were legal to purchase and use on a federal level. Until 2018, CBD laws were set on a state by state basis, making it highly confusing for anyone traveling out of state.

Despite the change in federal law, traveling out of state with CBD products and medical marijuana remains a gray area. The TSA recently addressed this issue to clarify when it is and is not legal to travel with CBD and medical marijuana on flights.

The new guidance states that products containing less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis, or those that have been approved by the FDA, are legal to fly with. The TSA suggests that anyone unsure whether a particular product falls within these criteria should refer to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

Being able to pass through TSA airport security with CBD products no longer left behind is a brilliant change. To kick start your packing list, here are some of the best CBD products that should be on everyone's travel essentials list.

#1 – CBD Capsules
Packing for a trip and attempting to fit all of the essentials into just one case can be tricky. Choosing CBD products that are small and take up minimal packing space is, therefore, a must. CBD capsules are the perfect solution and can be a great alternative to the liquid products people use at home, like CBD oils.

CBD capsules are also quick and discreet, which can be a huge benefit when traveling. Depending on the reason for using CBD, some people find they need a regular intake, which can mean using it multiple times throughout the day. CBD capsules are great in such situations as they can be used in almost any setting without having to set aside time.

#2 – CBD Gummies
CBD gummies are a must-have when traveling as they are not only discreet but also double as a soothing candy. It is common for people to chew gum or hard candy on flights, especially during takeoff and landing; CBD gummies make an excellent alternative. CBD is known for its naturally calming properties, which can also be a useful tool for combating travel anxiety.

CBD gummies are also useful to have on hand during long travel days. Snacking on a few candies is always tempting when traveling, making them an essential item for many people on long flights. CBD gummies offer a slightly healthier alternative to traditional candy.

#3 – CBD sun cream
When traveling, it can be tricky to stick to a complex skincare routine. A combination of having to pack an entire bathroom’s worth of cosmetics and find the time to complete a whole beauty routine can be challenging when traveling and exploring a new location.

Products like CBD sun cream offer a simple yet still effective solution to this problem, ensuring that your skin health does not suffer while traveling.

CBD-infused sun creams take an item that most people already use and add the benefits of cannabidiol. The great thing about CBD sun creams is that they combine two items, saving suitcase space and time that could be spent out exploring.

CBD topicals that can take the place of regular skincare items are must-have CBD travel essentials for any trip. CBD sun creams are not the only option, however. CBD after sun and full body moisturizers are two other great options for combining beauty products with pleasant CBD.

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